Wayne State University

Automotive Safety Research Group

An Automotive Safety Research group meeting was held at WSU on February 26, 2013. The purpose of the meeting was to gather experts across WSU's campus to learn more about current ongoing research in this area in all disciplines, to generate ideas that integrate the automotive safety research community on campus for future collaborative opportunities, and to determine next steps for formulating an action plan on enhancing the university's research efforts in this area. 

Researcher Website Presentation
Bengt Arnetz Arnetz Website  
Amar Basu Basu Website Basu Presentation
Paul Begeman Begeman Website  
John Cavanaugh Cavanaugh Website Cavanaugh Presentation
Mark Cheng Cheng Website Cheng Presentation
Clifford Chou   Chou Presentation
Ming Dong Dong Website  
Nathan Fisher Fisher Website Fisher Presentation
Richard Genik Genik Website Genik Presentation
Christopher Green    
Mark Greenwald Greenwald Website Greenwald Presentation
Mark Haacke    
Li Hsieh Hsieh Website Hsieh Presentation
Jing Hua Hua Website Hua Presentation
Albert King King Website King Presentation
Golam Newaz Newaz Website  
Joseph Pellerito    
Sean Seaman   Seaman Presentation
Weisong Shi Shi Website Shi Presentation
Le Yi Wang Wang Website  
Xin Wu Wu Website Wu Presentation
Yong Xu Xu Website  
King Yang Yang Website Yang Presentation
George Yin Yin Website Yin Presentation
Richard Young Young Website Young Presentation
Hongwei Zhang H. Zhang Website H. Zhang Presentation
Liying Zhang L. Zhang Website L. Zhang Presentation