Wayne State University

NCI's Central Institutional Review Board Initiative

Wayne State University is enrolled in the National Cancer Institute Central Institutional Review Board (NCI CIRB) Initiative. The IRB may carry out "Administrative Review" of certain NCI-sponsored Cooperative Group research studies approved by the CIRB, and once the IRB is satisfied that all local context issues have been met, may recognize the CIRB as the IRB of Record for the study at WSU and its affiliated institutions.  The WSU IRB retains responsibilities for local oversight and review of the performance of the research after acceptance of Administrative Review.  The documentation for submissions are below.

External IRB Policy (.doc) -- Our policy includes the procedures for submission.

External IRB Cover Sheet and Review Authorization Form (.doc)

HIPAA Summary Form (.doc)

CIRB Approved Informed Consent Template (.doc)

CIRB Approved McLaren Informed Consent Template (.doc)

CIRB Approved Assent Template (utilize CIRB Assent Template found on their webpage)

Short Form Consent documents are available in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese-Simplified, Chinese-Traditional, Farsi, French-Canada, French-Enrope, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish-Mexico, Swahili, Tamil, Thai, and Ukranian (along with the Oral Short Form English Translation).

Visit the National Cancer Institute Central Institutional Review Board Initiative website at https://ncicirb.org.  
Download the Quickguide to Opening a Study (PDF).

Documents and correspondence should be submitted via email to CIRB@wayne.edu.

update - DMC Review Authorization - If DMC Review is required DMC Review Authorization can be submitted concurrently at the time of IRB submission. However DMC Approval is required for final IRB administrative authorization. For more information regarding DMC Review: https://www.dmc.org/for-health-professionals/clinical-translation-research-office

Please be aware that CITI Program has added a new module entitled "External IRB Review" to their curriculum.  To access, visit www.citiprogram.org.