Welcome to Nano@Wayne, a website that provides information on various nanoscience and nanotechnology initiatives at Wayne State University. Our faculty researchers come from diverse fields such as Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Science, and Physics. Many collaborate in the areas of NanoDevices, NanoMaterials, and NanoBioMedicine, where WSU strives to make noteworthy contributions to new knowledge and technology. Please follow the links to our faculty and their departments. You can also view our faculty interests and publications, as well as our instrumentation and facilities.

We have initiated a seminar series comprised of outstanding speakers from around the country as well as from our own faculty, and welcome your participation. The seminars are available for viewing on-line, as well as real time so you can participate in the Q&A sessions.

WSU nanoscience faculty meet regularly to discuss interests and collaborations. If you would like more information or want to join the group, please send a note to research@wayne.edu.

Gloria Heppner
Associate Vice President for Research