Wayne State University

Important updates to international travel requests

International travel requests are receiving an update at Wayne State in order to meet important legal obligations. The Office of the Vice President for Research and the Office of the General Counsel have worked together to implement a new international travel policy [http://policies.wayne.edu/appm/7-5-international-travel.php].
For anyone traveling internationally, there is a change when you click open "TravelWayne" in Academica. Once you click, you will be taken to a questionnaire that asks if you are traveling internationally. If you answer "no," the system will take you directly to TravelWayne. If you click "yes," you will see a questionnaire that asks where you are going and what you will be taking with you. If one of your answers triggers a potential export control issue, the system will generate a screen asking for information about the travel, and then will generate an email to Wayne State's Export Control Office with your information. Please explain your travel plans to our Export Control staff who will help you identify potential violations of export control laws and regulations prior to your international travel. Upon completion of your export control review, you will receive an email advising you of their findings.

International business travel may not be reimbursed if an export control assessment has not been completed by the Export Control Office. Learn more about Export Control and international travel from the Office of the Vice President for Research at https://research.wayne.edu/integrity/export-control/.
For questions and difficulty regarding the new procedures, please contact the Export Control office at 313-577-5046 or email at exportcontrol@wayne.edu. Learn more about the background of this policy change from Information Privacy Officer Geoff Nathan on his ProfTech blog at http://blogs.wayne.edu/proftech/2016/booking-international-travel-is-about-to-change/.