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Wayne State University spin-off, SenSound, and Revware, Inc. announce launch of new product for resolving noise and sound problems in wide range of products and industries

DETROIT, MICHIGAN.  SenSound, LLC and its digitizer manufacturing partner, Revware, Inc., announced today the launch SenCAH, a product that combines SenSound’s compact acoustical holography technology with Revware’s MicroScribe® 6-degrees of freedom 6G22LX 3D digitizer. The product will offer noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) test engineers, technicians and noise consultants the portability and functionality of an intensity probe plus novel 3D acoustic holography capabilities required to resolve complex noise and sound engineering problems.

“Our new NVH testing product will provide engineers and technicians with a portable, easy-to-use and low-cost tool for noise diagnostics” said Mr. Sergio Mazza, president and CEO of SenSound. “The MicroScribe 6G2LX digitizer will substantially reduce testing time and complexity by allowing rapid collection of multiple sound measurements and SenSound’s proprietary software will allow for the rapid identification of noise sources correlating product vibrations with noise emissions.”

Addressing machinery noise is an important health, safety and product quality issue. Using SenSound technology, manufacturers of products and components in a variety of industries, from wind turbines to consumer products, will be able to identify and abate undesirable sound and vibrations in a faster, more cost-effective manner than currently available technology

Revware President Tom Welsh noted, “The MicroScribe G series of 3D digitizers has been the choice of animators, engineers and designers for many years for capturing the physical properties of three-dimensional objects and accurately translate them into 3D models. We are excited about combining the MicroScribe mechanical tracking technology with SenSound’s acoustic holography technology to create an easy-to-use tool for noise diagnostics, product development and sound engineering applications.”

SenCAH was developed based on patented technology known as HELS, or Helmholtz Equation Least Squares developed by Dr. Sean Wu, Distinguished Professor at Wayne State University. According to Dr. Hilary Ratner, Vice President for Research at Wayne State University, “SenSound’s compact acoustic holography system can fundamentally change the approach to detection and abatement of noise and vibrations in engineering applications.” She continued, “SenSound’s technology offers a more efficient means to identify unwanted noises in any manufactured product, ultimately creating quieter environments that will improve the health and lives of many people.”

SenSound, LLC is a privately held company based in Detroit, Michigan. SenSound’s award winning patented technology was initially developed in the College of Engineering at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. SenSound diagnostic software creates three-dimensional digital images of sound as it travels through space and time. The software is unique in its ability to quickly, accurately and cost effectively map sound sources on arbitrary three-dimensional surfaces. SenSound quality control software distinguishes between environmental noise and source object noise without the need for sound enclosures. SenSound technology has broad applications in product design, development and manufacturing where noise needs to be identified, understood and eliminated, or where manufacturing and component defects need to be identified. To learn more about SenSound, visit http://www.sensound.com.

Revware, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1992 with offices in Raleigh, NC and San Jose, CA. Revware’s MicroScribe line of 3D digitizers provides a cost-effective desktop solution for the gathering of point and vector data in a wide range of applications. Revware also produces RevWorks® reverse modeling software that is used to capture 3D information directly into popular CAD software. Revware’s products are distributed world-wide. To learn more about Revware, MicroScribe and RevWorks, visit http://www.revware.net.

Wayne State University is one of the nation’s pre-eminent public research universities in an urban setting. Through its multidisciplinary approach to research and education, and its ongoing collaboration with government, industry and other institutions, the university seeks to enhance economic growth and improve the quality of life in the city of Detroit, state of Michigan and throughout the world. For more information about research at Wayne State University, visit http://www.research.wayne.edu.

For more information, contact: Julie O'Connor, Wayne State University at julie.oconnor@wayne.edu or Sergio Mazza at sergio.mazza@sensound.com