Wayne State University

Sample projects

Many faculty members conduct their projects using nFab

  • CAREER: A Robust, Chronic Neural Prosthesis Using High-Capacity Graphene Electrode and Biodegradable Porous Silicon, Funding agency:  NSF, PI: Mark Cheng
  • MRI: Acquisition of a Dual Beam Focus Ion Beam System for Nanotechnology, Biomedical and Energy Applications, Funding agency:  NSF, PI: Mark Cheng, Co-PI: Amar Basu, Peter Hoffmann, Yong Xu, Zhixian Zhou
  • NUE: Development of an Undergraduate Certificate Program in Nanoengineering for Training the Workforce of Tomorrow Funding agency:  NSF, PI: Guangzhao Mao, Co-PI: Mark Cheng, Eranda Nikolla, Sandra de Rocha, Yong Xu
  • A novel 3‐dimensional neural probe technology combining electrical and chemical interfaces, Funding agency:  NSF, PI: Yong Xu
  • Collaborative Research: Fish‐Inspired Ultra‐Sensitive Infrasound Sensor for Critical Infrastructure Monitoring and Geo‐Hazards Early Warning, Funding agency:  NSF, PI: Yong Xu
  • CAREER: Wearable accelerometers for continuous respiratory sound monitoring, Funding agency: NSF, PI: Yong Xu
  • R21 Development of a neurotransmitter based epiretinal prosthesis, Funding agency:  NIH, Co-PI: Yong Xu
  • Neurophysiologically‐based computational platform for the characterization and optimization of retinal prosthetic stimulation, Funding agency:  NSF, Co-PI: Yong Xu
  • Microfractionation in Droplets (FD) ‐ Linking Proteomic Separations to High Throughput Functional Screening, Funding agency:  NSF, PI: Amar Basu
  • Optofluidic tweezers, Funding agency:  NSF, PI: Amar Basu
  • Tensiophoresis, Funding agency:  NSF, PI: Amar Basu
  • Correlate transport properties with edge structure in suspended graphene nanoribbon field effect transistors, Funding agency:  NSF, PI: Zhixian Zhou
  • Integration of Graphene as a Work-Function-Tunable Electrode Material with Atomically Thin Layered Transition-Metal-Dichalcogenides, Funding agency:  NSF, PI: Zhixian Zhou