Wayne State University

WSU Health & Safety Committees

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

IBC Charter & meeting schedule

Tom Kocarek, Ph.D., Committee Chair Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Rob Moon, MS, CIH, Assoc. Director Office of Environmental Health & Safety (OEH&S)
Richard Pearson, PhD, Biosafety Officer Office of Environmental Health & Safety (OEH&S)
Kenneth Barton, Ph.D., Human Trials Expert, Ad hoc Member Radiation Oncology, Henry Ford Hospital
Aliccia Bollig-Fischer, PhD, Reviewer Oncology
Tara Cotroneo DVM, DACLAM, Animal Expert, Reviewer Department of Lab Animal Resources (DLAR)
Gerald Hish DVM, DACLAM, Animal Expert, Reviewer Department of Lab Animal Resources (DLAR)
Sreenivasa Chinni, PhD, Reviewer Urology and Pathology
Alan Colter, MS, Community Member Wayne County Risk Management Division
Phil LaDuke, Community Member Environmental Resources Management
Elena Fracassa, MS,  Administrative Support Office of Environmental Health & Safety (OEH&S)
Edward Golenberg, Ph.D, Plant Expert, Ad hoc Member Biological Sciences Department
Timothy Hadden, Ph.D. Reviewer Research Services, VA Medical Center
Sanjay Revenkar, M.D., Reviewer Infectious Diseases, Harper University Hospital
Hossein Salimnia, Ph.D., Reviewer University Laboratories, Detroit Medical Center
Yubin Ge, Ph.D., Reviewer Oncology
Matthew Jackson, Ph.D. Reviewer Immunology and Microbiology
Ren Zhang, Ph.D., Reviewer Center for Molecular Medicine & Genetics

IBC contact information:

Richard Pearson, Biosafety Officer

5425 Woodward, Suite 300, Detroit, MI 48202
phone: 313.577.1200 · fax: 313.993.4079

IBC applications and written biosafey standard operating procedures (SOPs) must be submitted via e-Protocol by the 1st of each month for inclusion in the next scheduled IBC meeting. All IBC meetings are held at 87 E. Canfield, 2nd floor, from 1 - 4 PM

IBC 2018 meeting schedule

Deadline for submitting forms Meeting Date
*November 27 2017 *December 11 2017
January 1 January 22
February 1 February 26
March 1 March 26
April 1 April 23
May 1 May 21
June 1 June 25
July 1 July 23
August 1 August 20
September 1 September 24
October 1 October 22
*October 26 *November 12
*November 19 *December 10

* Note earlier deadlines and meeting dates due to holidays