Wayne State University

Pathogenic / Infectious Agents (non-rDNA)

IBC submission & approval process:

  • You may initially submit these forms to WSU's Biosafety Officer via email, without signatures.
  • Forms received by the Thursday before the scheduled IBC meeting will be reviewed that month.
  • Forms received earlier will be pre-reviewed before submission to the committee; pre-reviews can significantly expedite the approval process.
  • After the IBC reviews the forms and all modifications are approved, please send the original, signed forms to OEHS.

Approvals are valid for three (3) years from the initial review/approval process and apply only to the lab originally inspected and the investigator originally approved.

New protocols / renewals

Complete & submit the following documents to rjpearson@wayne.edu:

  1. Biological Agent User Application for Pathogenic/Infectious Agents (non-rDNA)

  2. Biosafety Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs): in vitro and/or in vivo

for assistance with SOPs: Preparing a Standard Operating Procedure - Guidance from the IBC

Protocol amendment:

If you wish to alter the research procedures, add a new agent, move to a new location, or hire new employees to work on the IBC approved projects, then you are required to submit a Protocol Amendment Form.

If you are unsure if an amendment is required, please contact the WSU Biosafety Officer.


Additional information:

Questions? Contact Richard Pearson, Biosafety Officer at 313-577-1200 or rjpearson@wayne.edu