Wayne State University

Select Agents and Toxins

IBC approval is required for the possession, use, and transfer of unfractionated mixtures and purified preparations of biological toxins having high acute toxicity.  This includes all toxins on the Select Agent list.  
High acute toxicity is indicated by toxins with a LD50 of less than, or equivalent to, 100 nanograms/kg body weight.  
IBC approval must be obtained prior to this material being brought onto WSU Campus.

NOTE: All IBC applications and written standard operating procedures (SOPs) must be turned into the Biosafety Officer two weeks prior to the next scheduled IBC meeting.

Complete & submit the following documents to rjpearson@wayne.edu:

  1. Biological Agent User Application form for Biological Toxins

  2. Biosafety Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) for: in vitro and/or in vivo  (for assistance with SOPs: Preparing a Standard Operating Procedure - Guidance from the IBC)

  3. Select Agent Standard Operating Procedure/Chemical Hygiene Plan Template

  4. User Log for Select Agent/Toxin: Complete the top portion of this form.

  5. Destruction Form for Select Agent/Toxin: Complete this form through the description of the destruction procedure. Retain a copy for your records to document the destruction of the agent(s).

Additional information:

  1. WSU Biosafety Manual - must be available in your lab

  2. Biological Spill Response Procedures

  3. Inspection Checklist for Select Agents and Toxins

  4. Select Agent/Toxin Destruction Procedures

  5. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Division of Select Agents and Toxins (CDC-SDAT)

  6. United States Department of Agriculture - Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA-APHIS)

  7. CDC Exclusion List: Attenuated strains of select biological agents or toxins that do not pose a severe threat to public health and safety, animal health, or animal products may be excluded from the Select Agent regulations.

For more info: Contact Richard Pearson, WSU Biosafety Officer, rjpearson@wayne.edu or 313-993-7597