Wayne State University

Respiratory Protection - Medical Evaluations

At Wayne State University, persons will not be assigned to tasks requiring use of respirators nor fit tested unless it has been determined that they are physically able to perform the work and use the respirator.

If you answer "YES" to any of the following questions, you must complete and submit a new Respirator Medical Questionnaire.

  1. For my job with WSU, I have not previously completed a respirator medical questionnaire and/or examination.
  2. Since completing that questionnaire, I have had significant changes in my health that may affect my ability to wear a respirator.
  3. I have had changes in my job that will require additional exertion while using the respirator.
  4. I anticipate significant changes in the use of a respirator on the job (e.g., new category of respirator or change in job assignment that requires additional exertion while wearing the respirator).

If an initial or updated Medical Questionnaire is required, it must be reviewed by a licenced healthcare provider before an employee is fit tested. Questionnaires should be sent by campus mail in an envelope marked "confidential" to:

Kay Cadwell, RN, COHN-S
Office of Environmental Health & Safety
5425 Woodward, Suite 300
Detroit, MI 48202

Questionnaires may also be emailed to: kcadwell@wayne.edu