Wayne State University

Purchasing Radioactive Materials

The purchasing of radioactive material at Wayne State University is coordinated by the Purchasing Dept. and the Office of Environmental Health & Safety.

There are two methods for purchasing radioactive materials. One method is by Emergency Purchase Order (EPO) and the other is via a Requisition form.

Only an approved Principle Investigator (PI) may order radioactive material

The procedure for ordering radioactive material on an EPO is as follows:

  • The PI (Principal Investigator) or designee shall call the Purchasing Dept. at 7-3734 and talk to a Buyer who handles radioactives.
  • The PI or designee shall supply the following information to the Buyer;
    • The Principal Investigator's name
    • The Department
    • The Controlled Facility (laboratory that has been approved and posted by OEH&S) where radioactive material will be used.
    • The Isotope
    • The amount of the Isotope
    • The Vendor's name.

The Buyer will call OEH&S for approval. If the information given matches the computer data base for the PI, then OEH&S will approve the order.

A Purchasing Order (PO) number will be given to OEH&S for inventory purposes and also given to the PI. The PI may then call the Vendor to place the order.

No limited purchase orders (LPO) shall be used for the purchases of radioactives


Standing Orders are for a specific amount of radioactive material over a specified period of time. Standing Orders may be requested by a PI. Approval will only be given by the Office of Environmental Health & Safety.

Notification to health physics is mandatory when a standing order is placed


All radioactives for the University are shipped to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety. They are processed for delivery by OEH&S personnel who will deliver the package to the respective Controlled Facility.

If no one is present in the laboratory to receive the package, the package is brought back to the OEH&S. The OEH&S will attempt delivery the following day.


Any inquiries regarding the purchasing of radioactive material at Wayne State University shall be addressed to the Office of Environmental Health Safety at 577-1200.