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Wei-Zen Wei, Ph.D.

Wei-Zen Wei, Ph.D.




PRENTIS - 4129.2


Wei-Zen Wei, Ph.D.

From studying the immunobiology of mouse mammary tumor progression to the molecular mechanism of regulatory T cell activation, Dr Wei’s lab translates the findings from basic Immunology and Cancer Biology into potential cancer immunotherapeutic agents. They pioneered human Her-2 DNA vaccines which showed vaccine-induced immune responses in breast cancer patients. Using human Her-2 transgenic mice, they showed superior efficacy of the 2nd generation hybrid vaccines that combine self and heterologous Her-2 DNA into a single regimen which are candidates for further clinical testing. They developed novel test systems to measure concurrent induction of experimental autoimmune thyroiditis during immune rejection of tumors to monitor the activity and potential side effects of cancer immunotherapy. New vaccines and immune modulating strategies, both systemic and in the tumor microenvironment, are being tested continuously toward the goal of cancer eradication.

Area of Expertise

  • Develop DNA vaccines targeting functional molecules on cancer cells
  • Modulate regulatory T cells to amplify tumor immunity while circumventing autoimmunity
  • Combine cancer vaccination with cryoablation to generate long-term protection




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