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Todd Lucas, Ph.D.

Todd Lucas, Ph.D.

Todd Lucas, Ph.D.

As a social and health psychologist, Dr. Lucas conducts research on the psychological and social determinants of stress and health. Some of his past and ongoing research has explored relationships between perceived fairness and health, and this has especially included examining whether fairness uniquely affects well-being in African Americans. He also collaborates with other members of the department on applied research topics that have ranged from the treatment and integration of immigrants to identifying and reducing occupational stress in police officers. Finally, Dr. Lucas plays an active role in the educational mission of the department both through formal instruction of medical and MPH students, and also through participation in various student research collaborations.

Area of Expertise

  • Psychosocial determinants of stress
  • Health behavior, and well-being
  • Social influence processes in health communication
  • Cross-cultural analysis of social perception cognition, and behavior


Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences


WSU School of Medicine