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Moriah Thomason

Moriah Thomason

Assistant Professor



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Moriah Thomason

Dr. Moriah E. Thomason is an assistant professor in the Department of Pediatrics of the Wayne State University School of Medicine and in the Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute for Child and Family Development at Wayne State University
The work of Dr. Thomason's research group stems from an interest in determining how function across multiple, distributed brain networks impacts the individual developmental trajectories of children. How does the maturation of wide-scale brain neural networks coincide with the development of cognitive abilities in children? How does development proceed in a characteristically different fashion in children with early emotional psychopathology? How are these brain systems altered as the brain chemistry of children differs? Dr. Thomason's lab uses novel methods for detecting and characterizing large-scale human brain networks.

Area of Expertise

  • The Development of Functional Neural Systems in the Human Fetus
  • Longitudinal Evaluation of Neural and Endocrine Bases of Emotional Psychopathology in Youth
  • The Role of Genetic Variation in Shaping Brain Development in Early Life
  • Neural and Genetic Factors Contributing to Varients of Pediatric Anxiety Disorder




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