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Neha Gothe

Neha Gothe

Assistant Professor





Neha Gothe

Dr. Neha Gothe is an Assistant Professor in Kinesiology, Exercise and Sport Sciences concentration, at Wayne State University. She is the Director of Exercise Psycho-physiology Research Lab and serves as an advisor for masters and PhD students. She is a MCUAAAR Scholar (Michigan Center for Urban African American Aging Research) and received the National Institutes of Health, P30 AG015281 to examine correlates of physical activity and fitness among older adults living in the Detroit-Metro area. Dr. Gothe has established herself as a national leader in yoga research, especially in relation to its impact on cognition development and maintenance.

Area of Expertise

  • Physical activity and quality of life across the lifespan
  • Yoga, its biopsychosocial effects and underlying mechanisms
  • Measurement and evaluation of physical activity using actigraphy
  • Effects of different modes of physical activity on aging and cognition
  • Designing and implementing physical activity based randomized controlled trials




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