Wayne State University

Preparing and submitting a proposal

SPA personnel are also available to guide, review and advise you throughout the proposal development and submission process. Most of the standard required forms - and information relevant to their completion - can be downloaded by following the links provided here.

Proposal Submission Requirements (PDF)

Acronym Guide (PDF)

NIH Salary Cap Change

NIH Non-Competing Renewal 3 Question Sheet (PDF)

WSU Tuition Rates

Clinical Trials Budgeting (.xls)

WSU School of Medicine Tuition Rates

NIH Modular Budget Template (.xls)

NIH Non-Modular Budget Template (.xls)

NSF Electronic Budget Template (.xls)

SPA Budget Worksheet Template (.xls)

Effort % to Person-Months Conversion Chart (PDF)

Effort % to Person-Months Conversion Template (with formulas) (.xls)

Help with Grants.gov Submissions

Health Insurance Rates

Mileage Memo from University (PDF)

NRSA Stipend Information

Standing Receipt Dates for NIH