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In broadening its responsibility for the institutional oversight of Wayne State University's externally funded programs, Sponsored Program Administration provides training sessions for a wide range of topics including Cayuse proposal preparation and submission, proposal budget development, Researcher's Dashboard navigation, and generating web-reports.  Regularly held training sessions will be offered; please check the SPA Home Page for scheduled events.  Additionally, one-on-one or small group sessions are available on an as-needed basis.  For details or answers to questions, please contact Tim Foley, SPA Training Coordinator, at 577-8357 or email tpfoley@wayne.edu.

SPA Training Research Administration Certification: Participants who successfully pass all core session tests earn SPA Traiing Certification.  No more than one wrong answer per test qualifies as passing.  A "test-out" option is available for most classes - participants do not need to attend scheduled sessions in order to complete corresponding tests.  However, sessions marked (*) require attendance for successful completion of the program.

Program courses

Core sessions

Elective sessions

Test information

Tests for each core module can now be found on Canvas. Log in using your AccessID and Password.  In the "Courses" section you will find "Sponsored Program Administration"; select the "Quizzes" link to access the tests.

Additional resources

The following links provide useful information for the administrative endeavors of Wayne State University's research community.  Please note that the information provided therein is general and not necessarily specific or applicable to WSU, Sponsored Program Administration or the Office of the Vice President for Research.