Wayne State University

Strategic Planning

During the next five years, we are committed to ensuring that Wayne State University becomes a world leader in discovery and knowledge application. We will increase strategic integrative research and nurture the broad ecosystem for scholarly inquiry, discovery, creativity, and knowledge application by leveraging our academic strengths, community engagement mission, and urban location. We believe that the research ecosystem is a key driver for economic growth, for revitalization in Detroit, and for addressing real-world challenges in a rapidly evolving urban environment. We further believe that engaging students at all levels enhances our research mission, as well as their participation with the university and preparation for careers.

Goal 1: Nurture and Expand the Research and Discovery Mission

Goal 2: Develop the Infrastructure and Processes Necessary to Support Research, Knowledge Application, and Broad Programmatic Initiatives

Goal 3: Grow Research-Based Revenue

Goal 4: Enhance Our "Distinctively Wayne State" Pipeline of Student Researchers

Goal 5: Communicate and Expand Awareness of Excellence in Research, Discovery, and Knowledge Application