Information on restarting WSU research operations

The following are links to important guidance prepared to assist faculty, staff and students on the various safety precautions needed to restart research operations on campus. Additional information will be added as developed.

1) Principles and Guidelines for a Phased Ramp-Up of On-site, Laboratory-based Research Activities - visit here

2) Guidance on Face Coverings Required in Enclosed Public Spaces - visit here

3) SARS-CoV-2: Selecting and applying an appropriate surface disinfectant - visit here

4) Checklist for Reopening of Labs After Shutdown - visit here

5) Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines for Cleaning Laboratory Workspaces - visit here

6) WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan - visit here

7) Guidelines and Procedures for Restarting Fieldwork Research in Environmental Sciences and Engineering - visit here

8) Process for Specialized Service Providers for on-campus Activities - visit here