Faculty Competition for Postdoctoral Fellows

Award: $30,000 per year for up to two years (second year funds contingent upon progress report submission and approval for postdoctoral fellow's first year of appointment)

Deadline: Proposals accepted at any time and reviewed on a quarterly basis (November 15, February 15, May 15, August 15)

The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) offers the Faculty Competition for Postdoctoral Fellows to enhance the productivity of WSU faculty by augmenting their capacity to attract and support postdoctoral fellows from outside WSU. This initiative will provide funds of up to $30,000 per year for a maximum of $60,000 for two years to help support the requested postdoctoral position. These postdoctoral positions will be awarded directly to faculty on a university-wide competitive basis for support of their research/scholarship and training endeavors. Additional funds will be needed to offer an appropriate salary to the postdoctoral fellow; therefore, it is required that sufficient supplemental funds be identified and committed at the time of application. Additional funds may come from sources such as applicant's department or college, grant support, or start-up funds.

Eligibility to receive a postdoctoral fellowship award is limited to full-time WSU faculty members with funded research.

Eligibility requirements for the postdoctoral candidates have been modified for the August 15, 2019 application review cycle and will be in effect for the review cycles through May 15, 2019. These requirements will be re-evaluated June 2020. Of note, postdoctoral fellow candidates who are non-U.S. residents or citizens will be eligible through this program for all cycles through June 2020.

The newly revised postdoctoral candidate requirements through the May 15, 2019 review cycle are as follows:

  • New hire to WSU
  • If a U.S. resident or citizen, within two years of degree completion at time of hire
  • If a non-U.S. resident or citizen, within one year of degree completion at time of hire
The application consisting of these items should not exceed five pages (excluding the cover page and abbreviated CVs):
  1. Cover page
  2. Short narrative of research program and the role of the prospective postdoctoral fellow in the program, not to exceed a half-page
  3. Recruiting plans, if a postdoctoral fellow candidate has not already been identified (NOTE: open postdoctoral fellow positions at WSU can be posted on the Graduate School website at Open Postdoctoral Positions)
  4. Expected qualifications of postdoctoral fellow
  5. Evidence of prospective mentor's scholarly productivity
  6. Evidence of the prospective mentor's training and mentorship activities at WSU and elsewhere
  7. Budget that includes total salary and benefits for postdoctoral fellow, specifying amount being requested from OVPR and amount provided by additional source (indicate source and amount)
  8. Letter of support from department or division leader if departmental or college financial support will be utilized for this recruitment effort
  9. Plans for career development for the postdoctoral fellow, including:
    • Use of an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to assist with the mentoring efforts and progress
    • Completion of the Responsible Conduct in Research Course at WSU
    • Plans for conference attendance
    • Plans for attendance at various seminars offered at WSU (e.g., grant writng seminars offered by OVPR – in process of deciding and scheduling offerings for new academic year)
    • Participation in departmental and college-related initiatives that may assist with training, awareness of, and engagement with the Post-Doctoral Association at WSU
    • Mentorship details that are specific to the postdoctoral fellow being recruited (if awarded, the prospective mentor and postdoctoral fellow will be required to meet with the WSU Post-Doctoral Affairs Office to formalize a training plan for the incoming trainee)
  10. Biosketch or abbreviated CV not to exceed 4 pages for faculty applicant and postdoctoral fellow (if identified)

Applications will be evaluated by a selection committee assembled by OVPR and the Office of Post-Doctoral Affairs. The evaluation emphasis will focus on the productivity of the requesting faculty member, expected qualifications of the postdoctoral candidate, financial support provided by the requesting faculty or department, and details of the training and mentoring plan designed specifically for the prospective fellow.

The application document should include the cover sheet, application, and biosketches or abbreviated CVs in one PDF document.

Submit your request with uploaded PDF document through Cayuse Research Suite. Cayuse is accessible via the Research Resources tab in Academica.  A WSU access ID and Academica password is required. To submit your internal funding request, please follow the steps in the Cayuse user guide.

  • Select "Faculty Competition for Postdoctoral Fellows - OVPR" for sponsor name
  • Include "VP Research H09050" as the Approving Units sections of Cayuse to correctly route through the system
  • Enter the upcoming quarterly review month as program application deadline (review months: November, February, May, August)
  • Receive all unit and college approvals in Cayuse (application does not route to OVPR until all unit approvals are received)
  • Do not include indirect costs for internal funding

If you have questions about entering and uploading your internal funding proposal, please contact Tim Foley at tpfoley@wayne.edu or 313-577-8357. If you have questions about the particular funding program, email rifs@wayne.edu. If you have questions about transfer of funds for any of our programs, contact Helen Smith at helen.smith@wayne.edu or 313-577-2824. If assistance is required with technical issues, please contact Research_IT@wayne.edu.