Funder Consultation Program

Faculty members are encouraged to learn as much as possible about the priorities and policies of individual funding agencies prior to submitting applications for support.  Various resources are available to identify funds including organization web sites and consultation with WSU administrative staff (e.g., development officers for private foundations and OVPR for government funders). Faculty members are also encouraged to correspond with funder officials via e-mail or telephone. Sometimes, however, face-to-face meetings with funding officials such as NIH or NSF program officers are critical to understanding funder requirements and to develop personal contacts with funding agency staff.

Travel funds are available to allow faculty to meet personally with funding officials for the purpose of seeking advice in regard to the feasibility of application for funds for specific research projects or program areas. Application for travel funds should submitted through our Cayuse Research Suite at least one month prior to the intended travel. This program can fund travel and lodging, but not meals.

Funds will be transferred AFTER travel has occurred and receipts and meeting summary have been uploaded emailed to as one PDF document.

Applications should include:

  1. Brief description of the research project/program for which funds are being requested (one paragraph)
  2. The names of the funding officials and agencies with whom the faculty intends to meet
  3. Information regarding any previous meetings with these officials (e.g., e-mails, description and dates of phone conversations) and rationale for the necessity of a face-to-face meeting.
  4. Date of the proposed meeting and evidence that a meeting has been scheduled with the funding official(s).
  5. Location of the proposed meeting
  6. Amount of funds requested. Generally, this should be limited to travel expenses to and from the meeting site.  If the meeting is to be held in conjunction with a conference or other unrelated travel to the site, the amount of funding requested should reflect only the time necessary for meeting with funding officials. For example, if the intention is to stay an extra day at the site for the purpose of the funder meeting, the travel funds requested should be only for that day and not for the entire conference or other conference-related activity.

Memos should be submitted as one PDF through Cayuse Research Suite. Cayuse is accessible via the Research Resources tab in Academica.  A WSU access ID and Academica password is required. To submit your internal funding request, please follow the steps in the Internal Cayuse user guide.

  • Sponsor name selected should be "Funder Consultation Program - OVPR"
  • Project title should include which agency you plan to visit and dates
  • All unit and college approvals must be obtained or request does not reach OVPR
  • After trip occurs, email summary of meeting and receipts to as one PDF
  • Transfer of funds will occur after summary and receipts are emailed to and approved
  • The Approving Units sections of the Cayuse must include "VP Research H09050" to correctly route through the system

If you have questions about entering and uploading your internal funding proposal, please contact Tim Foley at or 313-577-8357. If you have questions about the particular funding program, contact Sarah James at or 313-577-8997. If you have questions about transfer of funds for any of our programs, contact Lilly Hatzis at or 313-577-2245. If assistance is required with technical issues, please contact