Grants Boost Program

Award amount: $35,000
Fall Deadline: November 29, 2019
Winter Deadline: April 10,2020
Summer Deadline: July 17, 2020

WSU's Grants Boost Program is designed to boost the chances of funding of a resubmission of new grant. Eligibility for this award includes previous submission of a new grant to an external funding agency within the last 18 months and grant reviews that suggest a likelihood of funding on a resubmission providing additional preliminary data are available. Unscored NIH grant applications are not eligible for this funding. To confirm eligibility, please feel free to contact OVPR prior to submission.

Size of Award and Time Period
The size of the award will not exceed $35,000. Applicants may only apply for one year's funding at a time. Applications will be accepted three times a year (see deadlines above).

Funding Constraints
Faculty salary cannot be supported through this mechanism and will remain the responsibility of the unit (college, school, department, center, or institute). A letter of support will be required from the department chair, dean or director responsible for providing salary and space support to the applicant (see Application Requirements).

Assistance CAN be requested for the following expense categories:

  • Lab supplies

  • Animal Care

  • Salaries/benefits for research support personnel

Grants Boost Funds CANNOT be used for:

  • Travel

  • Budget overdraft coverage

  • PI and co-PI salaries (including summer salaries)

  • Administrative costs (i.e., school and departmental surcharges)

  • Equipment

Application Requirements

  1. Cover sheet

  2. A half-page overview of your research program.

  3. Information on the grant you will be resubmitting, including sponsor, funding mechanism, title, funding period, and amount.

  4. External review documents of the grant to be resubmitted, including original unedited priority scores, agency comments, and pay lines.

  5. Describe in no more than a page how you will address the deficiencies noted in the reviews of the unfunded application, as well as how your use of boost funding will lead to a successful renewal.

  6. In no more than one page, provide a detailed budget of proposed expenditures using the categories of "personnel, lab supplies and miscellaneous." Add a brief explanation of the categories of funding requested.

  7. A letter of support from the applicant's Department Chair, Dean, or Director responsible for providing salary and space support to the applicant, outlining specific support that will be committed from the department and college/school and center/institute. Please include an assessment of the likelihood of future funding, a financial plan for continuation of the research in the event extramural funding is not obtained, and evidence that the department/school is contributing to the continuance of research operations in an appropriate manner (e.g., graduate student support). 

  8. An abbreviated CV of no more than 4 pages of the PI, in NIH or NSF format. Please do not include a full CV.

Review of Applications and Funding Criteria
Review of applications will be carried out by a committee including associate research deans/directors and associate vice presidents for research.

This committee will recommend which applications to fund, based on:

  • Likelihood of eventual funding (using evidence such as the priority score, the nature of the criticisms, how well criticisms were addressed, publication record, and research productivity)

  • Applications that do not include the original unedited reviews of the grant to be resubmitted will not be considered.

  • Applicant must be PI of the grant to be resubmitted.

  • Committed support, including financial support, from the applicant's department, school/college and/or center/institute

Faculty members receiving Grants Boost funds will be required to have an external reviewer critique the revised grant proposal prior to resubmission. Funding for the external review will be paid for by OVPR.

Funds will not be released until the faculty member provides evidence of IRB or IACUC approval, if applicable.

Awards will be competitive and all applications may not be funded.

Proposals should be uploaded as one PDF through Cayuse. Cayuse is accessible via the Research Resources tab in Academica. A WSU access ID and Academica password is required.

To submit your internal funding request, please follow the steps in the Internal Cayuse user guide.

  • Select sponsor name "Grants Boost - OVPR"

  • Reference what grant you are planning to boost in your project title

  • Include program application deadline

  • Receive all unit and college approvals by 5 p.m. on program deadline

  • Do not include indirect costs on internal funding requests

  • Include "VP Research H09050" in the Approving Units sections of Cayuse to correctly route through the system

If you have questions about entering and uploading your internal funding proposal, please contact Tim Foley at or 313-577-8357. If you have questions about the particular funding program, contact Sarah James at or 313-577-8997. If you have questions about transfer of funds for any of our programs, contact Helen Smith at or 313-577-2824. If assistance is required with technical issues, please contact