Pre-Submission Review Program

The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) will consider requests to cover the expense of an internal or external scientific review of a grant proposal. New this year, OVPR will also provide support for proposal editing services provided the applicant has attended one of OVPR's Write Winning Grants seminars, participated in the Pre-Submission Review Program, or provides evidence of participation in some other grants development activity.

Internal or External Scientific Review

OVPR will provide $300 for an internal review, to be placed in the reviewer's indirect cost account, and $600 for an external review. For departments and colleges that conduct mock study section reviews, we will provide $500 per reviewed proposal into the indirect cost account of the department or college.

Editorial Services

OVPR will provide up to $500 for editorial services for a grant provided the applicant has attended one of OVPR's Write Winning Grants seminars, offered two times a year, or used our Pre-Submission Program in the past for a scientific grant review. Dates for this year's Write Winning Grants seminars are listed on our Grant Writing Seminars website at Potential grant editors are listed on our Internal Funding Opportunities web page at This list simply provides options; these are not endorsements and you may use an editor not on this list. If you would like to add additional grant editors to the list, please e-mail


Address the request in memo format to Sarah James, Research Support Liaison, with approval from the appropriate chairperson. For external or internal scientific reviews and editorial reviews, include the name of the researcher or editor whom you would like to review your proposal, the reviewer's institutional affiliation and title, area of specialization, and a brief statement as to why this is the appropriate person to review your proposal. For mock study section reviews, please provide the names of review panel, their titles and areas of specialization, the names of the applicants whose proposals will be reviewed, and the date of the mock study section review.

For ALL pre-submission review types, also include the targeted agency for the proposal(s), funding mechanism, title of project, and anticipated date of proposal submission.

Memos should be submitted as one PDF through Cayuse. Cayuse is accessible via the Research Resources tab in Academica. A WSU access ID and Academica password is required. To submit your internal funding request, please follow the steps in the Internal Cayuse user guide.

  • Sponsor name selected should be "Pre-Submission Review Program - OVPR"
  • The REVIEWEE should be listed as the PI when submitting in Cayuse
  • Project title should include which type of review (e.g., external review, internal review, editorial review, or mock study section review) and for what grant proposal
  • All unit and college approvals must be obtained or request does not reach OVPR
  • Indirect costs should not be included for internal funding
  • After review is received, email review to
  • Transfer of funds will occur after review is emailed to and approved
  • The Approving Units sections of the Evisions must include "VP Research H09050" to correctly route through the system

If you have questions about entering and uploading your internal funding proposal, please contact Tim Foley at or 313-577-8357. If you have questions about the particular funding program, email If you have questions about transfer of funds for any of our programs, contact Lilly Hatzis at or 313-577-2245. If assistance is required with technical issues, please contact

If the request is approved, the review should follow the review criteria outlined by the relevant funding agency and should be submitted through Evisions when received. For external and editorial reviews, if approved, the investigator's department administrator should complete necessary paperwork to pay reviewer and our office will transfer funds to cover our cost of the review. For internal reviews, the funds will be deposited into the account specified by the internal reviewer.

If you need additional information on the participation process, please e-mail