FY18 Program Announcements from the office of Congressionally-Directed Medical Research Programs for DoD BMFRP, GWIRP, LCRP, MSRP, PRCRP and PRMRP

The Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs recently released the Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18) funding opportunities for the Department of Defense (DoD) Bone Marrow Failure Research Program, Gulf War Illness Research Program, Lung Cancer Research Program, Multiple Sclerosis Research Program, and Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program. They are:

Bone Marrow Failure Research Program

  • Idea Development Award

Gulf War Illness Research Program

  • Clinical Trial Award
  • Qualitative Research Award
  • Investigator-Initiated Focused Research Program

 Lung Cancer Research Program

  • Career Development Award
  • Concept Award
  • Idea Development Award
  • Investigator-Initiated Translational Research Award
  • Translational Research Partnership Award

Multiple Sclerosis Research Program

  • Exploration - Hypothesis Development Award
  • Investigator-Initiated Research Award

Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program

  • Idea Award with Special Focus
  • Translational Team Science Award
  • Impact Award
  • Career Development Award

 Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program

  • Clinical Trial Award

Detailed descriptions of the funding opportunity, evaluation criteria, and submission requirements can be found in the Program Announcements. The Program Announcements are available electronically for downloading from the Grants.gov website (http://www.grants.gov), the CDMRP website (http://cdmrp.army.mil/funding/prgdefault.shtml) and the electronic Biomedical Research Application Portal (eBRAP) (https://eBRAP.org).

All CDMRP funding opportunities, both recently and previously released, are available on the CDMRP website (http://cdmrp.army.mil).

Subsequent notifications will be sent when additional funding opportunities are released. A listing of all open CDMRP funding opportunities can be obtained on the Grants.gov website by performing a basic search using CFDA Number 12.420.

Submission is a two-step process requiring both pre-application submission and full application submission.  All pre-applications must be submitted through eBRAP (https://eBRAP.org/).  Full applications from extramural organizations (non-DoD organizations) must be submitted through Grants.gov (http://www.grants.gov/). 

For questions related to pre-application submissions and application submissions, please contact your Sponsored Program Administration grant and contract officer. Their contact information can be found here.

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