Jackson Laboratory Webinar -- We've Got Your Back: Smart Ways to Protect Your Research


Jackson Laboratory Webinar

Date:  February 26, 2013
Time:  1pm ET
Protect the investment in the mouse colonies that support your organization's work.
As someone who supports the work of your research colleagues you understand the vital importance of these animals in ongoing research, but what would be the cost to your organization if that precious resource was lost to a disaster?
The Jackson Laboratory can help you to start that dialogue and leverage both internal and external resources to ensure the long term stability through our webinar - 'We've Got Your Back: Smart Ways to Protect Your Research'.
Leverage our experience to help you initiate the conversations you'd like to have with your colleagues:
  • How to secure your research using innovative and proven cryopreservation technologies
  • How to evaluate the best cryopreservation approach for your mouse models
  • How to quickly recover research when the worst case scenarios become reality

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Director, Research Communications
Phone: 313-577-8845
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