IACUC Amendments to Add Personnel - Together, we can make the process quicker.

When can your new staff member start the online courses? - Anytime!

CITI online training courses can be started by anyone at any time, therefore new students/employees who have not even arrived at WSU can get a head start on the requirements from wherever they are.  Required courses can be found on the IACUC website.

When should you submit the Amendment Form to Add Personnel? - The sooner the better!

A scanned Amendment Form to Add Personnel can be submitted to the IACUC before a new staff member arrives in your laboratory for his/her first day of work.  Our office verifies online training and enrollment in the AniCon program so that hands-on training with the DLAR can be scheduled.

Can your new staff member handle animals before the amendment  is approved?  - Yes!

Your new staff member may under direct supervision, handle or perform minor procedures on animals prior to being officially added by amendment.  This provision is covered under the IACUC Supervised Student or Visitor Training Policy.  Review the policy for details.  The DLAR encourages new personnel to start to become familiar with animal handling under supervision before formal training is conducted, which can decrease training time and improve the pass rate.

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