IACUC Policy Changes - May 2014

The IACUC has made revisions to two important documents, the Security Policy and Guideline and the Principal Investigator Responsibilities SOP.  All the IACUC Policies, Guidelines and Procedures can be found on our website: http://iacuc.wayne.edu/policies-and-procedures.php

Security Policy and Guideline has been modified to include the following paragraph:

No one may photograph, or make a video recording of any person, object or space in an animal holding facility unless such proposed photograph or recording is first approved in writing by the Attending Veterinarian (Director of DLAR).  In the case of an animal housed in an animal holding facility, a photograph or video recording of the animal may be made only at the request of the principal investigator using the animal and only after the Attending Veterinarian and the IACUC Chair (or designee) have approved the request in writing.  Requests should be submitted to the IACUC at iacuc@wayne.edu.

Principal Investigator Responsibilities SOP has been modified to include a citation from the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (8th Edition):

  • Work closely with the WSU veterinarians for animal care issues, especially if complications arise.
    • Per the Guide (p.114): In the case of a pressing health problem, if the responsible person (e.g., investigator) is not available or if the investigator and veterinary staff cannot reach consensus on treatment, the veterinarian has the authority to treat the animal, remove it from the experiment, institute appropriate measures to relieve severe pain or distress, or perform euthanasia if necessary.

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