Wayne State University

Important message from WSU's Vice President for Research

Dear colleagues,

Just a note to make sure that all are in the loop.

FY18 NIH and NSF funding appropriations were delayed a bit due to overall federal budget negotiations and in addition there was a significant plus up for the FY18 NSF and NIH budget. Thus, funds will likely need to be expended this FY before Sept 30, 2018.

Various mechanisms may be operative to award these funds, including the following:

  • Supplements to current awards (e.g. program grants, training and workforce development, individual R01 grants) for personnel, key equipment or other program needs  (in addition to standard options for supplemental funding additional specific supplement examples are below).
  • Funding of grants that were close to the pay line during FY18 review and aligned with the funding agency strategic initiatives.
  • Restoration of budget cuts to awarded grants.
  • There may also be an opportunity to obtain funds to expand the scope of awarded grants a bit for those projects with the highest scores and those that are aligned with key strategic initiatives for NIH and NSF.

I would suggest you contact your program officer as soon as possible to explore these and other possibilities to access the additional funds appropriated.

As always, if you have questions or would like assistance, please feel free to give me a call (313-577-4442) or contact Denise Figelwicz (denise.figlewicz@wayne.edu)



Eamples of supplemental funding opportunities FOA Number

Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology Research to Address Health Disparities in the U.S. (Admin Supp Clinical Trial Not Allowed)


Research Supplements to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research (Admin Supp - Clinical Trial Not Allowed)


Research to Support the Reduction and Elimination of Mental Health Disparities (Admin Supp Clinical Trial Optional) PA-18-621
Research Supplements to Promote Re-Entry into Biomedical and Behavioral Research Careers (Admin Supp - Clinical Trial Not Allowed) PA-18-592
Administrative Supplements for Complementary Health Practitioner Research Experience (Admin Supp)


Administrative Supplements to NCI Grant and Cooperative Agreement Awards to Support Collaborations with the Drug Resistance and Sensitivity Network (DRSN)(Admin Supp Clinical Trial Not Allowed) PAR-18-752
NIMH Administrative Supplement Program to Enable Continuity of Research Experiences of MD/PhDs during Clinical Training (Admin Supp Clinical Trial Optional) PA-18-642
Administrative Supplement for the NIBIB Research Education Programs for Residents and Clinical Fellows (Admin Supp Clilnical Trial Not Allowed) PA-18-680
Administrative Supplement for the NINDS Research Education Program for Residents and Fellows in Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neuropathology,  Neuroradiology and Emergency Medicine (Admin Supp) PA-17-442