Research@WSU Virtual Scavenger Hunt Items

Ready, Set, Go! Be sure to copy and paste the URL for each answer and fill in all 10 items! GOOD LUCK!

  1. _____ __'_______ is the person to inform when your research is news-ready to be shared on the media platform.

    URL: __________________________________
  2. Sarah James offers workshops almost every month for _____ ________ to help you find funding, a bunch!

    URL: _____________________________
  3. Our _________ ____ _________ _________ _________ _________ seminar will help you write to get funded, and make sure your proposals are well-rounded.

    URL: _________________________________
  4. At Wayne, new things are always happening, check out for functions you should be tracking!

    URL: ___________________________________
  5. Funding can be hard to find, yet OVPR helps when you're in a bind. The ________ ________ drop-down website menu option will come to your rescue!

    URL: ___________________________________
  6. Music is an important aspect of the Arts, just ask ____ _____ Park! He received funding from the OVPR just this year, with the goal of entertaining your ear!

    URL: ________________________________
  7. Dr. Stephen Lanier became VP for Research in year ______, when WSU finished its national search.

    URL: ______________________________
  8. Double-checking your work never hurts; in fact, the ___-__________ _________ program may help to identify what to delete or insert!

    URL: ______________________________
  9. Want to submit a proposal? The _______ program is at your disposal! (Hint: this website is powered by Cayuse)

    URL: ____________________________
  10. Have you seen the __________ __________ building? It is new and old, and is something to behold! It won the 2017 Renovated Laboratory of the Year by R&D Magazine and Laboratory Design.

    URL: ____________________________

You're done! Now send your answers to

Travel awards will be given to the 3 quickest faculty members with the most complete and accurate answersWinners and answers will be posted on our Research Orientation for New Faculty website by Wednesday, August 29 at 5 p.m.