New Research Policy: Health Insurance Expenditures "" Fellowships and Training Grants Policy

Wayne State University recognizes the importance of providing a robust research training experience to graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. In order to acknowledge the importance of training grants to the university, as well as to encourage graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to compete for prestigious externally-funded awards, the university will offset a portion of any health insurance overage charged to these types of awards. 

Research trainees and fellows are considered "non-employees" and are paid via stipends, a mechanism which does not provide the same benefits package as that provided to employees. In order to provide coverage to those taking part in the research experience, medical and dental insurance are offered to these stipend recipients under the same plan that is offered to employees. Since the sponsored awards paying these stipends typically do not provide sufficient funding to cover the employer portion of the health insurance costs, this shortfall often results in a deficit on the sponsored project.

To learn more about the financial responsibility of the student, university and awarding agency, and the Fellowships and Training Grants Policy and process for completing the Health Insurance Shortfall form, visit here.

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