• How can I get started?
    To get started, call or e-mail Joan Dunbar today! Send a copy of your WSU Invention Disclosure or a Journal article describing the technology and a summary of your thought as to why the technology is better, faster, cheaper than current products on the market…or just come by the office and we will brainstorm the ideas you have.
  • Why should I use the Venture Development Office?
    Put simply, the university has assembled specialists and industry experts to help turn today's extraordinary ideas into tomorrow's enterprises. We provide you with the professional guidance necessary to launch a successful business in today's economy.
  • What services does the Venture Development Office offer?
    The Office provides technology and market analysis that will enable business plan development and will help to quickly identify critical next steps. The inventor, Venture Development staff, and other professionals working with the university examine product viability and develop plans for eventual profitability. The Office can help analyze the needs of a skilled management team for high-tech ventures in almost any professional area. Support is also given to venture financing and connections to a variety of resources are provided, including introductions to angel and venture capital professionals. We will explore strategic partnerships and other business activities with you. In addition, we will help to facilitate space and other location issues through the university’s research park initiative, TechTown. We strive to provide a full complement of services needed by entrepreneurs and early-stage companies.
  • What kinds of technologies is the Venture Development Office looking for?
    We target all areas of technology including: Therapeutic and diagnostic developments, Medical Devices, materials technology, MEMS devices, semiconductors, optics, wireless, computer hardware, software, communications, automotive related, manufacturing, as well as service businesses using Internet technology for the delivery of their services.