Wayne State University

University / Industry Relationships

The Technology Commercialization Office provides a portal to the technologies, resources and faculty expertise at Wayne State University and facilitates a variety of academic–industry relationships. Interactions with industry include faculty consultants, industry sponsored research, collaborative academic-industry-government research partnerships and access of industry to state of the art facilities and cutting edge research.  TC professionals are not only well versed in the faculty research and expertise but also cognizant of industrial climate and perspective and can identify and catalyze the establishment of productive and mutually beneficial academic-industry relationships.

Licensing Wayne State Technology

Technology Commercialization welcomes communications with industry representatives that have potential interest in WSU technologies or research capabilities. If you would like to search our technologies available for licensing, please use our search engine by clicking the “Available Technologies” button, located on our website. Our licensing professionals are experienced in invention assessment, IP protection and commercial agreement development and negotiation. If you find something that you would like to learn more about, do not hesitate to contact one of our licensing staff at 313-577-5650.