What type of projects will be funded?

The MTRAC Innovation Hub for Advanced Computing is focused on commercializing technologies related to cognitive computing, immersive technologies, cyber security, IoT, industrial x.0, blockchain and next generation computing.

The projects should include unique intellectual property as evidenced by an invention disclosure on file with the respective institutions.   A key element in the project selection is demonstration that the technology has the potential to fulfill an unmet need in the market of commercial significance. PI's should be able to clearly describe a path to commercialization. 

Innovative translational research applications that focus on a convergence of multiple technology channels are highly encouraged to apply. This hub is open to all industry sectors, e.g. manufacturing, automation, healthcare, fintech, education, security, etc.

This program is not intended to extend basic research.

What are eligibility requirements?

Researchers from any Michigan institutions of higher education, hospitals & nonprofit research centers can apply; projects must have 1-to-1 matching funds from the applicant institution; invention disclosure must be filed with institution of origin; project must be translational research.

Projects involving already-licensed technologies are ineligible for MTRAC funding

Who will determine the project selection?

The MTRAC Advanced Computing Oversight Committee assists in project selection, awards, mentoring and oversight. The committee is comprised of technologists, experienced entrepreneurs, industry partners and venture capitalists.

What is the process for submissions of proposals?

The call for proposals begins on April 15, 2020 and submissions are due EOD July 20, 2020. Applications are then reviewed by the Oversight Committee to select finalists to present before the Oversight Committee. In-person presentations are scheduled for October 9, 2020. Awards are announced within a few days and projects will commence in January 2021.

What is the funding amount?

The awards range up to $100k, including the matching funds.

What other Innovation Hubs exist for funding?

In addition to applying for MTRAC Advanced Computing funding, researchers may also apply to other MTRAC Innovation Hubs in Michigan: