Technology Development Opportunities

Technology Development Opportunities with Government & Industry

*Please contact Christine Willis ( if you plan on participating in any of the following programs.  We can coordinate efforts and offer further details on the programs.


Do you have a novel drug discovery concept and are affiliated with a European or North American academic research institute, college or university? If so, the Discovery Fast Track Challenge is for you.

Up to ten winners from Europe and ten winners from North America will win the opportunity to collaborate with GSK scientists—putting their novel drug discovery concept on the fast track to success.

For details on their focus areas and program, please visit

Eli Lilly

Eli Lilly wants to deliver medicines to market as quickly as possible. To do that, we need to innovate better, faster and smarter than anyone else. And in today's vast global market, we can't do that alone.

We're proud of our world-class internal capabilities. But the process from bench to bedside is a long and costly one, requiring us to make choices. At the same time, others are engaged in equally innovative work-but often lack some of the elements needed to carry a molecular or technological asset forward.

When viable candidates are stalled or abandoned for lack of capacity or funds, we all lose. That's why Lilly has developed an R&D infrastructure that leverages both internal capabilities and external partnerships.

Please visit for details on their wide range of programs including the Open Innovation Drug Program.

National Cancer Institute’s Experimental Therapeutics Program (NExT)

Focuses on advancing breakthrough discoveries in basic and clinical research into new therapies to treat cancer patients. NExT unites the drug development expertise of the Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis (DCTD) with the dynamic research programs and state-of-the art facilities of the Center for Cancer Research (CCR) at the NIH Clinical Center-the world's largest hospital devoted entirely to clinical research. DCTD is investing in technologies to support drug discovery and development in the era of personalized medicine.

What: Drug discovery and development projects focused on unmet needs that are not adequately addressed by the private sector. The NCI is committed to moving high-priority projects through to proof-of-concept clinical trials.

What NExT is not: NExT is not a grant or contract mechanism. Rather, approved projects will be provided access to the Institute's drug discovery and preclinical and clinical development resources.

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InnoCentive is the global leader in crowdsourcing innovation problems to the world’s smartest people who compete to provide ideas and solutions to important business, social, policy, scientific, and technical challenges.

Their global network of millions of problem solvers, proven challenge methodology, and cloud-based innovation management platform combine to help clients transform their economics of innovation through rapid solution delivery and the development of sustainable open innovation programs.

For more than a decade, leading organizations such as AARP Foundation, Air Force Research Labs, Booz Allen Hamilton, Cleveland Clinic, Eli Lilly & Company, EMC Corporation, NASA, Nature Publishing Group, Procter & Gamble, Scientific American, Syngenta, The Economist, Thomson Reuters, and several government agencies in the U.S. and Europe have partnered with InnoCentive to rapidly generate innovative new ideas and solve problems faster, more cost effectively, and with less risk than ever before.

Grants are offered for specific problems that the organizations are trying to solve through specific technology requests.  For a list of these technology requests and details on funding, please visit