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The Division of Research invites you to view the website, The Grant Life Cycle, that aims to assist Wayne State University faculty and administrators navigate through the six steps that make up the grant process:

  • Generating your idea
  • Finding funding
  • Developing your proposal
  • Submitting your proposal
  • Awaiting and responding to the decision
  • Managing your award

This user-friendly website offers guidance and tips as well as step-by-step tutorial videos on how to develop a proposal on our new electronic proposal development and submission program, E-prop (COEUSLite), use our new grants program, Researcher's Dashboard, and more.

We invite you to visit this site often at http://spa.wayne.edu/grant/ to guide you through the grant life cycle process at Wayne State University!

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  • FROM START TO FINISH - WSU guides researchers through the Grant Life Cycle!

    FROM START TO FINISH - WSU guides researchers through the Grant Life Cycle!


Advanced Instrumentation Summer Workshop with Dr. Guangzhao Mao and Dr. Peter Hoffman
July 7 2015 at 2:30 PM
Danto Engineering Development Center
The Office of the Vice President for Research is pleased to host the Advanced Instrumentation Summer 2015 Workshop on July 7, 2015 at 2:30 p.m. at 2564 Danto Engineering Develoment Center in the Engineering Building. The hosts will be Drs. Guangzhao Mao and Peter Hoffman. They will present, "Integrated Fluorescence and Atomic Force microscope for biophysics, biomaterials and nanomedicine studies." Combining optical and fluorescence imaging with force imaging and local force measurements at the nanoscale provides a powerful platform for a variety of cutting-edge areas of research. We have recently completed integration of a combined four-laser TIRF capable fluorescence microscope with a high resolution atomic force microscope (AFM), offering a variety of optical imaging modes (epifluorescence, TIRF, DIC and phase imaging) as well as force imaging, force mapping and local force measurements down to single molecule sensitivity. This unique combination is now available to researchers across Wayne State University. Examples of research enabled with this unique instrument includes imaging and measuring interactions of ligands or drug delivery particles with cell membranes, probing cell responses to mechanical interrogation or combing force sensing with advanced fluorescence techniques, such as FRET. Possible applications span areas of drug delivery and nanomedicine, single-molecule biophysics, cell mechanics, tissue engineering, nanoscale (bio-)materials and cancer biology. Please join us to learn more about the unique capabilities of this new core instrumentation and bring your ideas of how you may want to use this new facility! The lecture and tour is open to all students, faculty and staff. Registration is required to attend this event.
Identifying Key Personnel and IRB Training Requirements
July 8 2015 at 1:00 PM
IRB Administration Office
IRB Training Sessions are open to all students, faculty and affiliated staff interested in learning about IRB review of research.  This session will include a review of which individuals must be listed on an IRB submission as key personnel. Learn how key personnel are defined for the WSU IRB and get answers to the following common questions: Who should be listed on file as key personnel for a research study? What training is required of key personnel? What involvement can non-key personnel have on IRB approved research studies? What to do about key personnel from an outside institution? Does my dissertation committee need to be listed as key personnel? When: July 8, 2015, 1 pm – 2 pmWhere: IRB Administration Office, 87 East Canfield, 2nd Floor, Conference RoomSpeaker: Ray-Nitra Pugh, CIP, Education Coordinator, IRB Administration Office  
IRB Training Session: Requirements and Considerations for Minors (under age 18) Participating in Research
July 21 2015 at 1:00 PM
IRB Training Sessions are open to all students, faculty and affiliated staff interested in learning about IRB review of research. This session will include a review of regulatory requirements, restrictions and special considerations for the enrollment of minors (children) in research. This session will involve an overview of the specific requirements for minors as a vulnerable population. Special considerations for minors include: recruitment, justification for their inclusion, those who are wards of the state, obtaining parental permission and obtaining assent, risk classifications and reporting requirements. When: July 21 2015, 1:00 pm– 2:00 pmWhere: Your desk, a link to access the session in GoToMeeting will be sent after registrationSpeaker: Ray-Nitra Pugh, Education Coordinator, IRB Administration  
IRB Training Session: Research Involving Retrospective Data or Secondary Analysis of Existing Data
July 29 2015 at 11:00 AM
Scott Hall
IRB Training Sessions are open to all students, faculty and affiliated staff interested in learning about IRB review of research. Use of private individually identifiable data (from or about persons) that already exists in medical records, educational records, in an existing database or research record, may serve as a resource for new research projects. This session addresses how to submit research for IRB review when the data already exists (i.e. will be obtained via retrospective data collection). In particular, the session will cover the use of medical records for a chart review which may serve as the primary method of data collection, or as a means to identify eligible participants for additional data collection. This session will present details on the information the IRB is required to review for research involving retrospective data. The training will involve a discussion of both the Protocol Summary Form and HIPAA regulations when applicable. When: July 21 11 am – 12 pmWhere: WSU School of Medicine, Scott Hall, Room 1140Speaker: Ray-Nitra Pugh, Education Coordinator, IRB Administration Office
WSU Research Administrators Meeting - September 2015
September 10 2015 at 9:00 AM
Undergraduate Library, David Adamany
The Sponsored Program Administration office is hosting a quarterly meeting for research administrators.  Meetings alternate between main campus and the School of Medicine. This meeting is a forum to discuss research administration current events, activities and other important topics that assist WSU grant managers across campus. In addition to grant managers, others involved in the grant administration process are invited to attend.
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