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Internal funding

To support and encourage research endeavors at the university, the Office of the Vice President for Research offers a variety of internal research funding opportunities for which faculty are eligible to compete. Details about our competitions, links to guidelines and application forms, and past award recipients can be found in the list below.


All internal funding requests will be submitted through Cayuse, which accommodates both internal and external funding submissions. Each internal funding program has its own application guidelines to be followed. Prepare a PDF application (see table) that will be uploaded into Cayuse. All approval signatures on the department and college/school level will be routed through the Cayuse system and must be approved by the relevant OVPR internal funding deadline.


  1. To access Cayuse: WSU Access ID and Academica password. 
  2. Internal Cayse user guide
  3. Inclusion of pertinent program submission documents (see table)


If you have questions about Cayuse, entering and uploading your internal funding proposal, or other technical questions please contact Tim Foley at tpfoley@wayne.edu or 313-577-8357. If you have programmatic questions, contact Sarah James at sjames@wayne.edu or 313-577-8997. If you have questions about transfer of funds for any of our programs, contact Helen Smith at helen.smith@wayne.edu or 313-577-2824. NOTE: Funds will not be transferred until IRB/IACUC protocol is approved when projects involve human or animal subjects.


Program Announcement

Past Recipients

Oct 19, 2018
Feb 15, 2019

Research Mentors Program for New Faculty

All Recipients

Information mtg
Oct 2, 2018
LOI due
Oct 19, 2018
Full proposal due
by invitation only

Arts and Humanities Research Support

All Recipients

Nov 28, 2018
Apr 5, 2019
Jul 15, 2019 

Grants Boost

All Recipients

Dec 10, 2018
Apr 15, 2019
Aug 12, 2019

Bridge Funding

All Recipients

Reviewed quarterly:
Nov 15
Feb 15
May 15
Aug 15

Faculty Competition for Postdoctoral Fellows

All Recipients


Pre-Submission Review

Potential Grant Editors

All Recipients


Funder Consultation

All Recipients


Award for Graduate Students Who Obtain External Support

All Recipients


Research Stimulation Fund Grants