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Upcoming Training Sessions 

A Common Sense Approach to the New Common Rule Education Sessions:

The IRB is available to conduct information sessions regarding the upcoming changes to the OHRP Common Rule, and how it will affect your research.

The new effective and compliance date of the revised common rule is July 19, 2018. 

For more information, please contact IRB Training Coordinator, Heather Park-May at 313-993-7157 or gp2126@wayne.edu.

Archived training sessions


eProtocol-IRB is a web-based system for submitting, tracking, reviewing and approving research protocols in a paperless environment.  eProtocol-IRB was released on Monday, December 18, 2017 and is currently in pilot testing by select researchers and staff at Wayne State University. eProtocol-IRB implementation is occurring in phases as each of the WSU IRBs are transitioned to the electronic system.  The PH1 IRB is currently conducting the initial pilot tests and the other four IRBs will be phased in over the following months. Select faculty and staff have participated in system testing and evaluation, and additional faculty and researchers will be sought during the phased implementation.

If submitting to the PH1 IRB please e-mail PH1board@wayne.edu to receive submission information.  Training for PH1 IRB submitters is also available, click here to learn about the upcoming training sessions.  Additional training resources are also available when clicking on the eProtocol icon. 

Note:  All new PH1 IRB submissions will need to submit using eProtocol-IRB effective March 28, 2018.

If you are key personnel for a PH1 eProtocol submission and need assistance with completing Conflict of Interest and Obligations sign off please e-mail WSUIRBInfo@wayne.edu.


IRB Handbook for Investigators

Handbook for Investigators: A Guide to the IRB and Human Research Protection Program. (March, 2015)

Join the IRB Research Listserv

It's easy to join: To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to irb-info-subscribe-request@lists.wayne.edu

Research Design and Analysis Consulting  

The WSU Research Design and Analysis Unit provides assistance with the design of research projects and the statistical analysis of data. The service is available free of charge to Wayne State University faculty, staff, post-doctoral students, and graduate students. The service is not available to undergraduate students. Contact information:

(313) 577-9992

Guidance for getting started

Guidance for WSU Students Conducting Research

Guidance for Research That May Not Require IRB Review

Guidance for research with humans

Guidance for addressing characteristics of study design

Specimen Banking

Private Information/Bio Specimens Decision Chart (PDF) - Determining if IRB review is required
RIM&R Collection and Banking Specimens for Research Charts (PDF) - Determining if  IRB review is required
Resource List for Specimen Banking (.doc)

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)

When leaving the University and taking research data or specimens or if brining research data or specimens to the University, a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) may be required. MTAs are contracts between two parties that describe the terms and conditions underlying the transfer of biological materials, chemical compounds, and other tangible research data or materials.

To facilitate the processing of both outgoing MTAs (Wayne State-owned materials to be transferred to an outside organization) and incoming MTAs (materials owned by an outside organization transferred to Wayne State), Technology Commercialization and Sponsored Program Administration have established procedures available at:


Radiation Use in Research

If a study requires any imaging, therapeutic and/or diagnostic procedures involving radiation, a Radiation Safety Review is required prior to submitting the IRB protocol for review.  Contact the appropriate Radiation Safety Committee list at the end of Appendix G to receive a review and submit the Initial Protocol Summary form and Appendix G to that committee.  For Karmanos Cancer Institute, the PRMC conducts the radiation safety review for their protocols. For VAMC studies, the radiation safety review is done by the CIC.  

After you have completed the Radiation Safety Review process, you may submit the Initial Protocol Summary form and Appendix G to the IRB.  Please include evidence that the Radiation Safety Review review was completed.

Clinical Trial Registration - clinicaltrials.gov (see ClinicalTrials.gov Requirements-NEW!)

Clinical Trial research studies are required by law to be registered on the clinicaltrials.gov website [U.S. Public Law 110-85 (FDAAA)] and a statement must appear in the informed consent document stating that it is registered.  For more information about this law and requirements for sponsors and/or investigators, visit the PRS and U.S. Public Law 110-85 Information Page: http://prsinfo.clinicaltrials.gov/

Guidance for Advertising and Recruitment for Research

WSU Academica Snippets: A Snippet on WSU Academica is permissible as a means to recruit students and or employees for research however, prior IRB approval is required. Snippet requirements are 256 characters for the title, 512 characters for the summary and a link and image may be included. Spaces and punctuation are included in the characters. Most Departments, Colleges, and Divisions will have a designated snippet manager. If unsure of  a designated snippet manager, contact C&IT at  portalteam@wayne.edu . IRB approval is also required for any changes to already approved snippets. An amendment must be submitted and approved prior to using the modified advertisement.

Guidance for Using Facebook and other Social Media Websites for Advertising and Recruitment:

To use a publicly available social media site for recruiting only: (1) gain IRB approval to advertise on social networking sites (such as Facebook) via Appendix B, (2) ask permission from the site administrators (at various Facebook pages) and (3) post to sites only where you have gained permission to advertise.

To use a social media site that is not publicly available for recruiting only: (1) gain a letter of permission to advertise recruitment from each site/server owner, then (2) proceed to gain IRB approval to advertise there, (3) post to sites only where you have gained permission to advertise.

Guidance for export control and international travel:

Federal Export Control Regulations prohibit disclosure of certain information, technology and products to designated persons or entities, whether on U.S. soil ("deemed exports") or abroad.  If your research protocol involves this or traveling outside of the USA, refer to the Export Control department at http://research.wayne.edu/export-control/  to see if you are required to take an action

Guidance on conflicts of interest:

If you have a Conflict of Interest, you must bring this to the attention of the Conflict of Interest Committee prior to submitting your research study to the IRB. If you already have IRB approved studies and develop a conflict at a later point, report this when it becomes known.  For more info, contact the Conflict of Interest Committee: http://research.wayne.edu/coi/index.php

Department of Defense Research

Below is a link to the Guide for Department of Defense Researchers using Military Health System Data. This guide provides an overview of the MHS as well as guidance regarding the types of research data available within the MHS, reviews specific to the protection of human subjects, and requirements of the TRICARE Management Activity (TMA) Privacy and Civil Liberties Office (Privacy Office) for requesting MHS data. Although this document is not comprehensive, it seeks to provide useful information for DoD researchers about MHS data and required reviews. Investigators from outside the DoD need to be aware that there are requirements beyond those listed in this Guide, and they should seek additional guidance from the TMA Privacy Office and the TMA Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) regarding specific requirements. Should you have any questions, please contact TMA at 703-681-7500 or TMA_HRPP@tma.osd.mil.


Create surveys with qualtrics:

The Qualtrics Research Suite is a user-friendly, feature rich, web-based survey tool which allows users to build, distribute, and analyze online surveys, collaborate in real-time, and export data in multiple formats.  It is available to all students, faculty and staff at WSU at no cost.  Karmanos also has this available to their employees. For more info at WSU: http://www.computing.wayne.edu/qualtrics/

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