Wayne State University

Exempt, expedited and other reviews

Contact For questions regarding

Dawn Bielawski, PhD
Senior IRB Review Specialist
(313) 577-2901

Expedited Initial Submissions & Expedited Amendments Submitted for Medical Review (PH1, M1, MP2 and MP4)

Corey Zolondek, PhD
IRB Operations Manager
(313) 577-0895

B3 Expedited Amendments & Continuations and HIPAA Questions for Any Committee

Linda Aiello
Professional Technician
(313) 577-8150

Pre-review of Full Board Continuations Submitted to a Medical Committee (M1, MP2, and MP4)

Angela LaCour
Research Assistant
(313) 577-9874

Pre-review of Expedited Continuations Submitted to a Medical or Behavioral Committee (M1, MP2, B3 and MP4)

Ray-Nitra Pugh, CIP
Education Coordinator
(313) 993-7157

Closing IRB Approved Studies (Closures), Unexpected Problem Reports and Administrative Reviews

Gayle Kusch, MSA
Sr. Director, Compliance
(313) 577-0646

Research Misconduct and Exempt Medical Review