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Detroit welcomes Neighborhoods in America’s Legacy Cities: A Dialogue in Detroit conference

DETROIT – Neighborhoods in America’s Legacy Cities: A Dialogue in Detroit, a conference presented by the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office, the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) and Wayne State University, will build upon conversations about historic preservation in America’s Legacy Cities that began in Cleveland in 2014, is coming to Detroit September 13-16, 2016.

Hosted at Wayne State’s McGregor Memorial Conference Center, professionals, advocates, decision-makers and academics will come together to discuss America’s Legacy Cities—where devastating population loss and long-term economic decline present complicated challenges for the future of invaluable historic resources and significant cultural heritage. The conference will focus on the following areas:

  • Using Preservation as a Planning Tool to achieve stability in the neighborhoods and drive economic progress
  •  Legacy Cities Today and Tomorrow—what they are, how they developed, how they’ve evolved, and what their post-industrial future holds
  • Neighborhood Transformation—how the neighborhoods in America’s Legacy Cities are evolving and changing as populations grow, shrink and move
  • Preservation and Public Health—the effects of mass-scale demolition, lead hazards, energy efficiency expectations, walkability and more

There will be panel discussions related to the topic areas as well as concurrent sessions that will take a closer look at the innovative projects and initiatives that are revitalizing Legacy Cities throughout the country. The conference will energize participants and give them the opportunity to share best practices and to craft a common agenda alongside others working to solve issues in Legacy City neighborhoods around the country.

Thanks to the generosity of MSHDA and other financial sponsors, the registration fee has been reduced for the Neighborhoods in America’s Legacy Cities: A Dialogue in Detroit conference to $100 for attendees and $65 for students. This is an outstanding opportunity at a great value to hear from and network with professionals, decision-makers, academics, and advocates who care about the future of America’s legacy cities. To register, visit www.dialogueindetroit.org.


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