Wayne State University

RFA's announced for Institute of Gerontology's Fellowship for Advanced Study in Aging and Lifespan

The Institute of Gerontology, in conjunction with the Vice President for Research at Wayne State University, has created a new fellowship program to support faculty time for research. This Fellowship for Advanced Study in Aging and Lifespan (FASAL) is a three-year pilot program authorized to grant $25,000 each year to a selected IOG fellow.

The fellow selected will be provided the opportunity to extend their program of research and also be integrated into the community of the Institute of Gerontology faculty for two consecutive semesters and expected to:

1. Engage in a self-defined program of intensive research related to later life and aging processes and issues
2. Reside in IOG office space approximately half-time
3. Lead at least one one-hour presentation for the IOG colloquia series
4. Attend and participate in monthly IOG faculty meetings

Each applicant should submit:
1. Statement of intent with specific and measurable goals for the fellowship. Goals should be stated for the year the fellowship commences and for the year following the fellowship.
2. Curriculum vita.
3. Letter from department chair supporting the application and expressing a willingness to negotiate course buy-outs in accordance with University Policy 05-05 3.2.2. (“A faculty member may have a reduced course load where he/she has an external or internal grant, gift, allocation or award that provides compensation for scholarship or service explicitly stated to be in lieu of normal teaching responsibilities.”) Buying out clinical time is also a possibility for those who are not teaching courses.
4. Copy of two publications or other samples of professional writing.

The Institute of Gerontology faculty will serve as the FASAL reviewers and selection committee, assessing the following criteria: (1) quality of the applicant’s scholarship; (2) concordance with current IOG research or research interests; and (3) potential impact of the fellowship on both the fellow and the IOG. Contact with IOG Director Peter Lichtenberg is encouraged before making application.

Applications must be submitted by February 12, 2010 to:
Peter Lichtenberg, Ph.D., director of the Institute of Gerontology,
either electronically: aa2275@wayne.edu
or by campus mail: 87 E. Ferry Street, Knapp Building