Wayne State University

Getting access


  1.  Submit a Usage Proposal form (PDF) to Core  Manager for verification of capabilities
  2.  Submit an Account form (PDF) to the Account Manager
  3.  Contact Account Manager, Chemika Buffington 313-577-1036, aj0513@wayne.edu, for billing detail and to establish a user account

Safety Training

  1.  Schedule Laboratory Safety training through WSU Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S).
  2.  Provide certificate of completion of Laboratory Safety training  to the Core staff
  3. Schedule Laboratory Orientation with nFab staff. 313-577-9529
  4.  Read the nFab Safety Training Manual (PDF)
  5.  Take and pass the  Safety Quiz
  6.  Sign the Release of Liability form (PDF) and submit to Core Manager
  7. Obtain ilab Username and Password

Equipment training

  1. Schedule equipment training. Must show competence before receiving access rights to nFab tools: Tool Request Form (PDF)
  2. Schedule equipment use on ilab

Note: In some cases the exact order is modified to fit schedules

Scheduling tools

nFab uses iLab for its scheduling of tools. One must obtain an iLab user account before being able to log into iLab.


Wayne State users

Please click on sign up to register for an account using your Wayne State AccessID.

For general instructions on how to reserve time on equipment calendars, please click on the link below.

External users

For users external to Wayne State, please register for an iLab account by clicking on the sign up link at the upper right corner of this page.  An account is required to make reservations on the core equipment calendars.

View general instructions on how to reserve time on equipment calendars (PDF).