MTRAC Advanced Computing Technologies

The Michigan Translational Research and Commercialization (MTRAC) Innovation Hub for Advanced Computing Technologies is a statewide program that funds translational research applications in the following technology channels:

  • COGNITIVE COMPUTING:  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Robotic Process Automation.
  • IMMERSIVE TECHNOLOGIES:  Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality.
  • CYBERSECURITY:  Trusted Authentication, Disaster Recovery, Computer Forensics, Identity Management.
  • INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT):  Smart Spaces, Sensors, Network Advancement.
  • INDUSTRY x.0:  Advancements in digital convergence between cyber and physical systems.
  • BLOCKCHAIN:  Shared Distributed Ledger, Traceability, Trustless System. 
  • NEXT GENERATION COMPUTING:   Quantum, Neuromorphic, Edge, Virtual Systems, 5G.

The mission of this program is to advance digital and computing technologies that address future, or poorly met market needs out of the labs and bring to the market.

Wayne State University was selected to manage and house the new statewide MTRAC Advanced Computing Technologies Innovation Hub. The MTRAC program reinforces State of Michigan's Michigan Strategic Fund (MSF), the MEDC and WSU's commitment to use entrepreneurship as a catalyst for economic growth in the State and beyond. The program is open to all institutions of higher education, hospital systems, and non-profit research centers in the State of Michigan.

Researchers from any Michigan institutions of higher education, hospitals & nonprofit research centers can apply to the Advanced Computing Technologies Innovation Hub. Projects must have 1-to-1 matching funds from the applicant institution; invention disclosure must be filed with institution of origin; project must be translational research.

This hub is run by the WSU Technology Commercialization Office, and funded by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.