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Ranked 75th by NSF among public research universities for total R&D expenditures in FY22

$242.2 million

Wayne State reported $242.2 million in research expenditures in FY22

$352.6 million

Research award dollars rose nearly 22% from FY22 to FY23

$91.5 million

NIH awards rose nearly 7.5% from FY17 to FY23

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Big Data

Big data is the bridge to the next wave of innovation and growth. At Wayne State, researchers are using big data science and business analytics with a strong focus on solving real-life business problems in active collaboration with regional industry while leveraging core strengths and research interests. Big data management and big data analytics require a slew of advanced concepts, tools, and technologies and a close collaboration among an interdisciplinary team of subject matter experts. Wayne State researchers have extensive experience in successfully delivering and leading a variety of big data and business analytics projects and initiatives across several industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and automotive, retail and government.
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Wayne State is home to the Michigan Neonatal Biobank established by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.
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