Researcher's Dashboard

The Researcher's Dashboard is an easy-to-use intuitive tool that provides a secure, easily accessible gateway to researchers' proposal, grant, and contract information.

Dashboard provides a common front end, a "one stop shop" to access pre- and post- award grants administration data such as internal approval status, contract status, accounting information, current labor distribution and imaged documents (award documents, GFAs, etc.).

All Wayne State University researchers and administrators have a seamless one-point access to "live" grant and contract information from multiple sources - the Banner Administrative System and Cayuse proposal development, award management applications.

Principal Investigators can access the Dashboard via Academica. Researchers will have access to their individual proposals and awards, if proposal and/or award information is presently in Cayuse. Chairs and administrators will have access to proposals and awards in their entire department. 

  • Co-Investigator access is dependant upon Lead Investigator permission via Access Control on Lead Investigator Dashboard record interface:

Administrative access can be obtained by written request to Ms. Jody Cooper, SPA Office Manager, Requests should include user AccessID, specification of access to either department/school/or division, and written permission from dean/chair/or director.

Download user manual (PDF)