Cayuse Research Suite

Cayuse Research Suite consists of two modules: Sponsored Projects and Proposals (S2S).

All External Funding Opportunities are Created, Approved and Processed via Cayuse Sponsored Projects.

WSU strongly prefers the use of the Cayuse Proposals (S2S) for all federal funding opportunities (unless otherwise mandated by the sponsor).

Cayuse tracks research proposals and award activity, provides for streamlined internal routing and approval of proposals, facilitates submission to sponsor systems (, and stores proposal documents.

Cayuse allows users expanded access to proposal development, submission, and award information through a very simple, user-friendly interface.

The system includes the following features:

  • Extra validations and error checking to ensure proposal will be error free upon submission to
  • System-to-system data transmission for >99% of all opportunities
  • Budget builder tool includes fringe benefits, F&A rates, inflation rates, and multi-year replication
  • Proposal development (budget, narrative, compliance questions)
  • Re-use data and copy proposals
  • Robust routing and approval
  • Database of all sponsored program activity
  • Tracking of proposals and awards to subcontractors
  • Intuitive User Interface


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How do I create a proposal in Cayuse Sponsored Projects?

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Cayuse Institution/Non-WSU Professional Profile Request

I'm an investigator. How do I certify my role on a Cayuse proposal? PI Certification Quick Guide or PI Certification Guide (video 0:56)

I'm an IPF approver for my unit. How do I authorize a proposal in Cayuse Sponsored Projects?

Frequently Asked Questions

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