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Cayuse: General

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Cayuse: General

What is Cayuse Sponsored Projects?  Cayuse Sponsored Projects is a cloud-based management solution for sponsored projects. The web interface gives you access to your entire research portfolio from proposals to awards simplifying collaboration and project management.  A Cayuse Sponsored Project record must be completed for all external requests.  Cayuse Spoonsored Projects: Works with proposals in Cayuse Proposals (S2S); Allows the creation of custom routing chains; Tracks events and deadlines; Gives access to proposal attachments and budgets.  By responding to questions about sponsors, subcontractors, compliance, export control, and other institution-specific questions, proposal creators cover the required areas of proposal development quickly and effectively.

When should I use Sponsored Projects?  Cayuse Sponsored Projects should be used for every external funding proposal.

What is Cayuse Proposals (S2S)?  Linked with Sponsored Projects, Proposals (S2S) is a web-based system for submission of applications via The system is easy to use, provides significant auto-filling of forms, extensive error checking and the ability to see the entire proposal before submission.  Cayuse can be used for electronic submissions to federal agencies that provide Adobe forms for the submission process (i.e. NIH, DOD, CDC, USDA, AHRQ, etc).

When should I use Proposals (S2S)?  Proposals (S2S) should be used for every federal proposal submission.  It can be used for all funding opportunities, regardless of sponsor as there are templates for use other than the federal applications.  Usage of Proposals S2S is recommended for all proposals as fringe rates, indirect costs rates, and salaries are "baked" into the forms, which is time-saving and accurate.

How do I access Cayuse?  Via Academica, look for the Evisions tab and sign in with your Access ID and password.

Who do I contact if I encounter login issues?  Please contact

How do I update information in my Professional Profile?  Go to the People Tab in Proposals (S2S), search for and select your name. This information is auto-filled into the appropriate forms within the proposal. It is recommended that you occasionally review your Professional Profile to verify accuracy. Agency specific data such as NIH Commons ID, NASA NSPIRES ID, and NSF Degree Types can also be included for use in proposals.

My proposal is locked.  How do I unlock it?  At the top of the proposal window, you will see the words "Locked by" followed by a username. If that username is your own username, then you can simply click the Lock icon next to it, and take the lock back from yourself. If that username belongs to another user, contact him/her before taking the lock back. To avoid proposal locking upon exiting 424, always click on proposals list to properly exit the proposal package before logging out of Cayuse.

How far in advance of the sponsor deadline does my proposal need to be completed?  All proposals should be completed and routed in Cayuse SP at least five (5) business days prior to the deadline day to allow a full review by SPA.

How can I get a new sponsor or subcontractor added to Cayuse?  If a sponsor or subcontractor record does not exist in Cayuse Sponsored Projects or Proposals (S2S), please complete a Cayuse Institution/Non-WSU Personnel Profile Request.  You can use TBD as a place-holder until record is created.

What are my access permissions in Cayuse?  Proposal (S2S) permissions are controlled by the role identifications in the Sponsored Projects record as well as the Sponsored Projects proposal status.  The following table shows permissions for typical roles and how they change with the status of the proposal.

Role in SP Routing State Proposals (S2S) Permissions

Proposal Creator


List, Read, Write, Attach, Break Lock, Delete, Print, Change Permissions, Add User/Group, Remove User/Group

Proposal Editor


List, Read, Write, Attach, Break Lock, Delete, Print, Change Permissions, Add User/Group, Delete User/Group

Lead PI and PI


List, Read, Write, Attach, Print, Break Lock

Other Research Team


None (name not listed in Proposals (S2S) permissions)

Proposal Creator Submitted List, Read, Attach, Print, Break Lock
Proposal Editor Submitted List, Read, Attach, Print, Break Lock
Lead PI and PI Submitted List, Read, Attach, Print, Break Lock
Other Research Team Submitted None (name not listed in Proposals (S2S) permissions)

Cayuse Sponsored Projects: Navigation, Routing, Certification, and Emails

How can I grant another user access to my proposal?  Users automatically have access to a proposal when they are either the owner (creator) of the proposal or named in the roster of the project in Sponsored Projects.  To designate a new user - which provides all access to the proposal record - you can add a person as a Proposal Editor in Sponsored Projects.  This information is strictly internal and has no bearing on the actual proposal roster seen by the sponsor.  Any permission changes in Sponsored Projects carry over to Proposals (S2S).

Will I receive email notifications from Cayuse?  Email notifications are sent to the Lead PI, Research Team, and all Approvers when an electronic proposal is submitted in Cayuse for routing, certifications and approvals. Additionally, the proposal creator and Lead PI will receive emails when proposals are approved or if additional information is needed for processing.

I received an email requesting that I certify a proposal; how do I certify a proposal when I am not the lead investigator?  You can refer to the PI Certification Quick Guide or a short PI Certification video for succinct instructions.

I am traveling, can someone certify on my behalf?  Cayuse can be accessed from any location that has internet access. All members listed on the Research Team of a proposal package must certify the proposal themselves.

The PI has not completed certification; can I resend the certification email from Cayuse Sponsored Projects as a reminder?  The email notification can only be sent upon submission of the electronic proposal for routing; it cannot be resent. You will need to directly contact the PI to remind that certification is outstanding.

How do I verify that I have completed all the necessary PI certifications for proposals?  There are two ways that you can verify completion of Certifications: 1. If the PI Certification inbox does not have a number on the left-hand side or after accessing the PI Certification Inbox there are no records under the To Be Certified Tab, then there are no outstanding certifications. 2. You can view all proposals for which you have completed the certification by accessing the Previously Reviewed Tab.

How do I know if another approver has completed the routing?  You can view the proposal routing status by accessing the proposal from the Certification/Approval Inbox and selecting the appropriate proposal number. The routing tab indicates who has and who has not yet approved/certified.

The Lead PI is also the chair, dean or director, will he/she need to both certify and approve the proposal?  Yes. Notifications for each action will be in the respective Certification and Approval inbox. The Lead PI will first need to certify the proposal and then approve the proposal.

What if multiple departments are involved in a proposal?  When multiple departments are involved in a proposal, the routing chain can be edited to add required approval stops. Users can choose sequential or parallel routing.

What is parallel routing and how do I change the routing from sequential?  Parallel routing allows for all necessary approvals to take place at any given time during routing; actions by one level are not contingent on the actions of another.  Lead units are always first in the queue.  Simply set all other stops to the number "2" and save. 

A proposal is in the midst of approval but, additional changes are needed. Can attachments be added and changes be made to a proposal mid-approval or does the routing need to start from the beginning?  The lead unit administrator has access to the proposal record and can attach additional information or make changes as necessary until SPA approves the proposal.

I have a proposal with just one budget year.  Do I need to link and complete a Proposals (S2S) application to the Sponsored Projects record?  The SP budget section only records the first year budget and cumulative budget for a project.  While it is not necessary to complete the Proposals (S2S) component for one year proposals, keep in mind all associated rates and salaries are accessible via Proposals (S2S) and not Sponsored Projects.

If somebody on a proposal personnel roster has a dual appointment, how is credit allocated to both departments?  Investigators with dual appointments are added to the personnel roster twice, once under the appropriate amount of sponsored effort and credit to be allocated to the initial department and then again with no sponsored effort and remaining credit for allocation to the subsequent department(s).

Are salaries accessible in Cayuse Sponsored Projects?  No.  Salaries, fringe rates, and indirect costs rates are only linked to Cayuse Proposals (S2S).

Cayuse Proposals (S2S): Navigation, Funding Opportunities, Budgets, Subcontracts

Can two or more people simultaneously work on a proposal?  The system allows one user at a time to work on either SP or Proposals (S2S) but does not allow two users to simultaneously work on the same module. However, users may simultaneously view the proposal.

When I open my proposal from the list, it says the proposal is in read-only mode and changes cannot be made.  How can this be fixed?  This deals with the proposal permissions that you have for the proposal package. Click on the small red key to view your proposal permissions, you may only have permission to read the proposal. If you need to edit or attach documents to the proposal package, contact the departmental administrator or your grants specialist to provide the appropriate permissions. Additionally, this issue may occur if the proposal is locked. If it is locked by you, simply click the Lock icon next to it, and take the lock back from yourself. If it is locked by another user of the system, you should contact them before taking the lock back.

Why isn't my funding opportunity available in Proposals (S2S)?  Funding opportunities need to be downloaded if they are not on the Proposals (S2S) Opportunities list. You can download them to Proposals (S2S) using the Retrieve Opportunities button on the Opportunities tab. Once downloaded, they are available for others to use. It's a good idea and saves time to check before downloading an opportunity to see if it has already been downloaded by another user.

Why won't my funding opportunity load into Proposals (S2S)?  No opportunity number on contains spaces. The opportunity number you enter must match exactly as it is posted on One reliable way to enter the correct number is to copy it from and paste it into Proposals (S2S).  Another possible reason is that there may not be an application package available for the opportunity on Some grants are listed on but cannot be applied for electronically. You can verify whether the opportunity can be submitted electronically to by going to the Application section of the opportunity on If there is no downloadable Adobe package, it is not to be submitted electronically to If there is an Adobe package for the grant, it is very likely supported by Proposals (S2S).

Why does my Proposals (S2S) application have errors that contradict specific instructions?  It is very important to refer to the proposal solicitation or RFP as the primary source for proposal preparation instructions. Usually, they will provide additional information regarding how to complete the application. While Proposals (S2S) usually applies the appropriate validations automatically, there are sometimes late changes in opportunity rules that require a manual change in the proposal's validation setting. If there is a contradicting error refer to the RFP and be sure to complete the application as stated in the instruction or grant proposal guide.

How does system maintenance affect my submissions?  During maintenance, Cayuse users will not be able to submit proposals to a sponsor or download new funding opportunities. However, you can still work on applications in Proposals (S2S) once the opportunity has been downloaded; you can work in SP on any proposal, award, or project. If by chance the opportunity has timed out or the expiration date has passed please be sure to download a new opportunity that has the correct submission deadline.

Does Proposals (S2S) support Multi-Project Applications, or those processed using NIH ASSIST?  Proposals (S2S) supports Multi-Project Applications. This functionality replaces the need to use NIH ASSIST.

How do I include a detailed budget for my records when the sponsor is requesting a modular budget?  Enter all appropriate budget information on the detailed budget pages. Make sure the R&R budget pages are unchecked on the proposal navigation page. The budget information will be available, but will not be converted into the PDF that is submitted to the NIH.

How do I add Key Persons to a budget without giving them effort on the budget?  In the manage key persons section select the key persons role "Other (Specify)" and then specified as "Other Significant Contributor".

How do I add NON-WSU Personnel to my proposal roster?  

  1. From Proposals (S2S), select People Tab
    1. Run a search with person's last name to ensure it is not in database
  2. If no results are yielded, select the Add Person button to create a new record
  3. Enter person's name and select Create New Profile
  4. A new window populates, add prefix/suffix, if applicable
  5. A Biosketch can be added to the person record for future reference (keep in mind that updates may be needed)
    1. Select Biosketches and follow the prompts to upload to person record
  6. Add Institutional Association
    1. Select Institution from drop-down menu
      1. If institution record does not exist, please contact Sponsored Program Administration 313 577-3726
    2. Select Create Institutional Association button
  7. Complete Contact Info, if available
  8. Select eRA Role and then select Principal Investigator
  9. Save

Is Allocation of Credit the same as Indirect Cost Recovery distribution?  No. The attributes represent two different components of a proposal and award record.  All proposal submission and subsequent awards must have a completed Indirect Cost Recovery Distribution Form as part of the record.

Why am I seeing little red stars in the budget pages?  Proposals (S2S) automatically calculates certain budget fields. If you type over an automatically calculated number, a red star appears next to the field. A red star signifies a field with auto- calculated data that is currently being overwritten by manually-entered data. To revert the field to its default auto-calculation, delete the current data and tab or click out of the field. The auto-calculated values will appear and the red star will disappear.

How do I include a cost of living increase in salary for the personnel listed on the proposal?  The Replicate/Escalate staircase in Proposals (S2S) makes it easy to replicate and escalate detailed budgets. Use "Escalate" to increase budget line items by a specific percentage across several budget periods. Use "Replicate" to copy selected Budget Categories from one budget period to another at the same rate.  The Replicate/Escalate staircase also appears on the Manage Key Person window. You can access this window by clicking the gear icon to the right of any Senior/Key Person budget line. "Replicate" and "Escalate" in this context affect only the budget numbers for that specific person's salary.

I am having trouble with the indirect cost rate; the wrong rate is auto-filled in the Proposals (S2S) budget information.  Please be sure to choose the appropriate indirect cost rate when creating your proposal. You can also change the indirect cost rate in the budget pages by using the dropdown menu under each section of the budget, which will dictate what rate will be applied to those costs.

What is the "Composite PDF" listed on the PHS 398 Research Plan in Proposals (S2S)?  In Proposals (S2S), the PHS 398 Research Plan has a special, "slot zero" attachment point for a Composite PDF. The Composite PDF, also known as the "Exploder", allows you to prepare the entire Research Plan in a single document. The Exploder then breaks out the Research Plan PDF into the required sections and attaches those sections to the corresponding location in the proposal. Some users may find this more efficient than managing separate files for each Research Plan attachment.

How are subcontracts to non-Cayuse institutions created and attached to the WSU proposal in Cayuse?  The following information offers guidelines for creating a subaward, that is, when a WSU application for federal funding includes a portion of funding for a subcontractor. In other words, the funding path would be:

Federal Agency Funding ==>

Wayne State University Prime Award ==>

WSU Subaward to a Non-WSU Institution.

There are three (3) ways to attach a subaward budget to a WSU Cayuse application:

1. Subawards Created in 

The non-WSU institution can use the free service to create the subaward budget., a free service from Cayuse, simplifies proposal preparation between research institutions collaborating on federal grant proposals. The subawardee creates its own subaward attachment (including Key Person Profiles, Biosketch attachments, and Budget Justification) in, and then e-mails the subaward file directly to the WSU Principal Investigator (PI) who heads the prime (WSU) proposal. The subaward file will be easily identifiable, having a .cayuse file extension, and can be easily integrated into the WSU prime proposal by clicking the Cayuse Import Subaward button.

2. Subawards created in Adobe forms

For those collaborating institutions that do not subscribe to Cayuse, and do not want to use, WSU Cayuse applications can now import subaward data directly from the "free" Adobe forms. The non-WSU subawardee can use one of the free Adobe subaward budget attachment forms, which must be completed using a compatible version of the Adobe Reader(link is external). Adobe subaward budget attachment form Subaward Budget Attachment(s) Form - 5 Year - 30 Maximum Subaward Attachments - for FORMS D RR_Budget_1_3_A30-V1.3.pdf The subawardee completes the subaward budget form, saves it as a PDF file, and e-mails it to the WSU PI for import in the the WSU Cayuse application. The WSU PI goes to the RR Subaward Budget Attachment module in the main WSU Cayuse application, clicks Import Subaward, and browses to the PDF subaward file sent by the subawardee. Note: If the subaward budget is created by this method, using one of these Adobe subaward budget attachment forms, the Cayuse system will import the budget data into the main WSU proposal -- the subaward numbers will flow into the prime WSU Cayuse proposal and roll up to the prime (WSU) budget. However, using this method, the Adobe attachment will not include the other required subawardee components -- the subawardee Key Person Profiles and Biosketches. (These two components are included if you use the free is external) feature. Also, if you use the Adobe forms for the subcontract the subcontract will not be subject to the sophisticated validations and error corrections performed by is external).

3. Subawards created by WSU, for the subawardee 

In Cayuse the PI or admin can create the subaward budget for the subawardee and then link it to the prime WSU Cayuse proposal. There are two ways of doing this: 

i. Create a subaward outside of your WSU Cayuse proposal. The WSU PI simply:

a) Logs into Cayuse;

b) Click the "Proposals" tab

c) Clicks the "+Create Proposal" button at the top of the page;

d) Clicks the "Subaward Proposal" option

e) Using the information obtained from the subawardee, completes all subaward components -- including the subaward budget, subaward Key Person profiles/biosketches, and subaward Budget Justification;

f) Links the subaward information to the WSU prime Cayuse proposal:

• In the Cayuse WSU proposal menu, clicks on the RR Subaward Budget Attachment form.

• Then clicks the Link Subaward button, which presents a list of unlinked subawards. Information in the selected subaward will automatically roll up into the WSU Cayuse proposal.

g) If subaward budget changes need to be made after linking, the PI clicks the "RR Subaward Budget Attachment" form and selects the subaward that requires the edits. The edits are then made in the subaward, and the changes show up automatically in the Cayuse "prime" application.

ii. To create a Subaward WITHIN the WSU Cayuse proposal. The WSU PI simply:

a) Logs into the WSU Cayuse proposal;

b) Clicks the RR Subaward Budget Attachment form in the WSU Cayuse proposal menu;

c) Clicks the "+ Create Subaward" button at the top of the page, creating a subaward that is automatically linked to the proposal; and

d) Using the information obtained from the subawardee, completes all subaward components -- including the subaward budget, subaward Key Person profiles/biosketches, and subaward Budget Justification.

e) If subaward budget changes need to be made after linking, the PI clicks the "RR Subaward Budget Attachment" form and selects the subaward that requires the edits. The edits are then made in the subaward, and the changes show up automatically in the WSU Cayuse "prime" application.

Can I copy one proposal to another in Cayuse Proposals S2S?

With Cayuse Proposals, you can quickly copy an entire proposal and edit the copy as needed. If you plan to resubmit a proposal, Sponsored Program Administration recommends that you make a copy of the proposal first, and keep the original as a record of the first submission. You can also transform the proposal to a different opportunity, which preserves data from the original proposal where corresponding forms exist in the new opportunity package.

Both procedures start by clicking the "green pages" icon at the right side of the proposal to launch the Copy/Transform dialog.

Copying a Proposal

  1. In the initial Copy/Transform Dialog, click Copy Proposal.
  2. Edit the Proposal Name for the new proposal as desired.
  3. If you do not want to copy the attached documents, uncheck the Copy Attachments checkbox.
  4. Click Copy Proposal.

Your new proposal will appear in the Proposals List.

Transforming a Proposal

If you want to instead transfer the existing data to a different opportunity, or even a new version of the same opportunity, transform the proposal. Once a proposal is created against an opportunity, if the opportunity is updated, the proposal does not automatically reflect the update (since forms may have changed) and must be transformed.

When you transform a proposal, information will only be copied between forms that are the same in each opportunity. If you are replacing an expired opportunity with a new one, the forms will generally be the same, but if it is a different opportunity, some forms may be different and that information will not transfer.

  1. In the initial Copy/Transform Dialog, click Transform Proposal.
  2. Select the new opportunity from the list by clicking on the green plus icon  to the left of the opportunity. This process is similar to selecting an opportunity.
  3. Edit the Proposal Name for the new proposal as desired.
  4. If you do not want to copy the attached documents, uncheck the Copy Attachments checkbox.
  5. Select the Validation Type if a different type is required.
  6. Click Transform Proposal. Your new proposal will appear in the Proposals List.

Copy/Transform of Multi-Project Proposals

Multi-Project Proposals must be Copied/Transformed one component at a time. Selecting Copy/Transform on the Overall Component will not Copy/Transform the entire Proposal, just the Overall Component.

Additionally, Components and R01s can be transformed into Components for other Multi-Project Proposals. For more information on this process, please take a look at Transforming Existing Components.