SPA Power BI Cayuse Reports

Sponsored Program Administration (SPA) Power BI Cayuse Reports assists with tracking grant and proposal information within modules that provide a comprehensive and customizable output of vetted data from the Cayuse Research Suite.  SPA Power BI Cayuse Reports is interactive, allowing users to manipulate data by selecting date parameters, specific colleges, departments, and principal investigators. Each component of SPA Power BI Cayuse Reports, when selected, can provide users more detailed information which, in turn, allows for filterable and customizable reporting.

Those interested in utilizing SPA Power BI Cayuse Reports must first receive brief training before gaining access to the system.  If you have any questions, please contact Tim Foley,

Please log in using your entire Access ID email address and password.  You must first log in to the WSU VPN if connecting from outside Wayne State University.

Information contained within SPA Power BI Cayuse reports is vetted through THE PREVIOUS MONTH FROM TODAY.


SPA Power BI Cayuse Reports User Guide