Technology Transfer at Wayne State

The Wayne State University Technology Commercialization Office (TC Office) is tasked with enhancing the likelihood that inventions developed at WSU are properly protected and practically applied. WSU researchers disclose new technology to the TC Office preferably well before any public disclosure. The TC Office works to evaluate disclosed technology in a timely fashion in order to assign resources for patenting and marketing of such inventions.

The TC Office aims to inspire the practical application of WSU technology, with goals of enhanced inventor recognition, industry support and collaboration, and possible monetary compensation for inventors and the University in the form of license revenues.

TC also has created the following two programs to aid Post-docs and faculty inventors:

WSU Innovation Fellows Program

Wayne State University's Technology Commercialization Office (TC) has created the Innovation Fellows Program to cultivate the next generation of chief scientific officers and entrepreneurial scientists for local high-tech industry. The Program is part of the WSU ERA initiative supported by the New Economy Initiative (NEI) for Southeast Michigan.

The Innovation Fellows program will promote technology commercialization education for Post-docs in Medicine, Pharmacy and Allied Health, Nursing, Engineering and CLAS. Four to five qualified postdoctoral fellows will be recruited to the program annually. In addition to their scientific research, the fellows will be trained in technology and market assessment, product development, business and entrepreneurship. The inaugural class of fellows entered the program in the summer of 2013. Fellows are expected to participate in translational research projects and develop a research and commercialization plan on a project topic. Each Fellow will be assigned an industry mentor to assist in the development of their project and technology commercialization roadmap.

WSU Technology Development Incubator (TDI) Program

Wayne State University seeks to provide a comprehensive solution to the cultural, technological and financial challenges associated with the translation of innovative early stage technologies from academia to the marketplace. The Technology Development Incubator program provides the infrastructure to accelerate feasibility studies necessary for licensing, industry partnerships and start-up opportunities.

The objective of the Incubator program is to provide qualified technologies with the support necessary to undertake prototype development, proof of concept and validation studies. The awarding of such funding is based on the market and commercialization opportunities together with a milestone-driven technology development plan with clear go/no-go decision points. The TDI program does not support fundamental/basic research but is designed to support technical and market validation. Funding will be directed not only to internal development activities, but also to the outsourcing of activities (e.g. toxicity & pre-clinical studies, prototyping, market assessments, etc.), to further de-risk early stage technologies. The goal is to support approximately 4 to 5 projects per year with an average award of approximately $10,000 to $25,000 per project.

Critical to the success of the program is not only the financial support for early validation studies, but also access to industry mentors and consultants to provide insights into market opportunities and guidance on technology development and commercialization road maps.

A critical component of the TDI is to leverage the expertise of industry advisors.  WSU has recruited consultants with industry, investment and entrepreneurial experience to review and guide in the funding decisions, as well as mentor awarded faculty in defining technology development and commercialization milestones.   

To view the 2017 Requests for Proposals, visit here.

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