Wayne State University

Laboratory Safety

The laboratory safety program invovles policies, standard operating procedures, training and other information to ensure compliance in research and teaching laboratories at Wayne State University.There are various regulatory reruirements that the laboratories must be in compliance when working with biological, chemical and radiological materials.Laboratory staff can protect themselves from the hazards associated by implementing various control measures while using various laboratory equipment.

The OEH& S specialists will visit your laboratories conducting inspections, training and other orientations.

Policy for minors working in the laboratory

Researchers who want to have any minors (under the age of 18) in the laboratory, must review and complete the Wayne State requirements in the link below:

Minor lab policy: http://research.wayne.edu/oehs/docs/minors-lab-policy.docx

Minor lab policy appendices: http://research.wayne.edu/oehs/docs/minors-lab-policy-appendices.doc

Minor general release form: http://research.wayne.edu/oehs/docs/minor-general-release.doc