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Shipping Materials

2017 Holiday Schedule:
Monday, December 18 - last day to submit a request for international shipments before holiday closure
Tuesday, December 19 - last day to submit a request for domestic shipments before holiday closure

Requests to ship dangerous goods: Submit all request through the iLab Core Facility. This includes chemical, biological, or radioactive materials, and any materials on dry ice.

Click here for complete instructions on setting up an iLab account and submitting a shipping request.

Training on shipping biological substances and dry ice:
OEH&S offers trainining to ship limited types of materials. See our lab safety training schedule for training dates.

Training is required every two years. The refresher can be completed online at www.citiprogram.org

Important changes to dry ice labeling (effective October 1, 2014)

Domestic shipments

International shipments

Dry ice

Packaging instructions for non-regulated (non-hazardous) shipments on DRY ICE

Training handouts and fact sheets

Export control regulations

Material transfer agreements (for transfer of biological, chemical, or other tangible research materials)

Shipping non-regulated biological materials:

A non-regulated biological sample is a material that does not pose a hazard to human health, the environment or to property. It is non-infectious, non-hazardous and non-toxic. Biological samples can be of human, animal, plant or other (bacterial, fungal, yeast, etc.) origin. Examples include; DNA, antibodies, proteins, etc. Directions on packaging and shipping non-regulated samples

If you are unsure if your samples meet the definition of non-regulated, please contact OEHS at 577-1200.

Shipping on dry ice:

DRY ICE IS A DANGEROUS GOOD! Shipping any material on dry ice must be done through the Office of Environmental Health & Safety unless you have attended training. If you are shipping a non-regulated material on regular ice, you may ship it yourself.

New dry ice "Class 9" label requirement

As of October 1, 2014 USDOT, IATA and ICAO will require all shipments containing dry ice be labeled with the new Class 9 label. See the images below of the old label and new label to observe the difference.

In addition, the UN1845 on your package must be in at least 6 mm print for packages under 30KG and at least 12mm print for packages over 30 KG. If the label you are using doesn't meet this requirement please rewrite the UN number legibly and at the appropriate size.

Discontinue use and dispose of your old labels by the end of September 2014. If you have a FedEx account, you may order a roll of the new label by contacting FedEx at 1-800-GO-FEDEX (1-800-463-3339).

FedEx Dry Ice Shipping Guidelines: http://images.fedex.com/us/services/pdf/Dry_Ice_Job_Aid.pdf

Dry ice shipping fact sheet with printable label

Contact OEH&S at 313-577-1200 if you have any questions.


Please note labels not shown actual size.


Domestic shipments:

When you are asking for assistance to ship a domestic package containing dangerous goods you must call 577-1200 at least the day before you are requesting the shipment to be sent. Complete the online form and return it to OEHS.

This is needed to assure someone within OEHS is available to assist you. There are only a small number of qualified persons at OEHS that are trained to properly complete dangerous goods shipping documents, inspect packages for proper packing requirements and assure compliance with US DOT regulations.

OEHS ships dangerous goods packages exclusively with FedEx. It would be beneficial for your department to open a FedEx shipping account number. Otherwise you will need to provide this office with credit card information at the time of shipment.  

If you have not shipped dangerous goods packages out before, someone within our office will assist you in describing what you need to do to prepare your shipment prior to delivering it to OEHS. You may be required to purchase special dangerous goods packaging specific to your shipment. You should consult with OEHS regarding packing requirements.

Packages are typically shipped by FedEx Priority Overnight, meaning it will get to its destination (within the contiguous 48 states) the following business day before noon. OEHS discourages Thursday or Friday package shipments, in case there is a delivery problem, where your package may not be delivered until the following Monday (not good for Dry Ice/ frozen sample shipments).

Priority Overnight is the quickest way to ship, but also the most expensive. If your materials aren't on dry ice, and it isn't necessary for the package to arrive overnight, let us know on your form and we will ship them in a less expensive category.

Contact OEHS for any additional information to help prepare your materials for shipment or if you have a general question regarding the shipment of dangerous goods.

International shipments:

Please submit requests to ship an international package containing dangerous goods at least a week prior to the day you would like the package shipped. International shipments may be subject to Export Control Regulations that may require additional time.

This is needed so OEHS can contact the FedEx International help desk to determine what documentation is needed to import the package to the country of destination. There are several specific customs issues when shipping dangerous goods to foreign countries. Rules and regulations are constantly changing in today's world. Specific forms may need to be completed by you or by OEHS prior to our office receiving your shipment.

Some countries may not accept a certain dangerous good. The country, and city, of destination of your shipment may not routinely be serviced by FedEx and a freight shipment may be required. This adds more time and effort to preparing your shipment, due to freight rules and regulations, so your patience in these instances is appreciated. You may be required to purchase special dangerous goods packaging specific to your shipment. You should consult with OEHS regarding packing requirements.

Packages are typically shipped by FedEx International Priority, meaning it will get to its destination within 2 to 4 days, depending on delivery location. OEHS encourages a Monday or Tuesday package drop-off for international shipments, to assure a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday delivery date. OEHS will contact FedEx international for delivery date estimates and provide that information to you for suggested package drop-off dates.

Training handouts and fact sheets

For more information, call OEHS at 577-1200.